Thursday, November 12, 2015

Reno 101: Gas vs Electric Water Heaters in Singapore

Headache over which heater to use? 
Here is a simple comparison between the most commonly used heaters in SG (Gas vs Electric)

1. Price 
You can find both gas and storage heaters in the $300 – $500 price range. It can cost up to $180 – $300 to install a gas heater because it is a central system installed at the yard or balcony which requires more piping. Storage heaters can be installed in the bathrooms so installation is around $100 – $120. 

2. Monthly Cost 
The cost of running a gas heater is almost the same as running a storage heater. There are not much savings for either of them. 

3. Safety 
Gas heaters need much more safety measure than storage heaters because of gas leaks.
 Gas got no smell and toxic and hence difficult to detect, thus more dangerous. Electric heaters have been used widely and for a long time in Singapore and they are much safer than gas heaters. 

4. Shower Related Convenience 
Because gas heaters must be installed outside for safety reasons, longer waiting time for the hot water to flow in. Storage heaters can be installed in the bathroom so you can get hot water almost immediately with the stored hot water 

5. Installation Location 
Storage heaters can be placed at your preference places as electrical supply is easily wired to your tank. However, you cannot determine the location of your gas heater as the installer needs to pipe the heating system to your gas source. 

6. Water Pressure 
For gas heaters, is not advisable for two person to shower at the same time or for people to have rain showers at home. Storage heaters preserve the same water pressure from the PUB water supply. Thus will still have higher water pressure than if they are using a gas heater. 

7. Maintenance 
Gas heaters rely on batteries to kickstart the heating process. These batteries need to be charged bi-monthly to ensure full performance of the heater. Users also need to be wary of gas leaks, the gas heater must be well ventilated and kept away from flammable objects. Gas heaters are only available from City Gas Singapore so maintenance and products can only be purchased from them. Electric heaters are available in many brands and sizes and you have the flexibility to pick one according to your preference. There are no other maintenance requirements. 

8. Clean Energy 
Gas is a much cleaner source of energy compared to electricity and a gas heater can produce about 50% less carbon than an electric heater.