Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 Ways to reduce the Utilities Bills

1. Turn off all the Main Power Socket when not in use
Do you know that the the appliances like TV, Washing Machine continue to consume electricity when they are in their Off Mode? 
Try turning off the power switch at the main socket to save about 10% of the energy 

2. Do not "cluster" the Refrigerator
By loading the fridge will actually increase the power consumption. 
Thus, do clear your fridge whenever you can. Not only does it looks cleaner and airier, it also helps to reduce the power consumption. 

3. Only use the washer when it's full load
Electricity is better used when the load is near full or full. Works like economies of scales.

4. Service Aircon regularly
The best way to keep your air conditioner running at its best efficiency is to have it serviced regularly
>> Even a monthly cleaning of filters helps!

5. Set Aircon Timer
Have the aircon to atuo off after say 4hours, you will be surprise how much you can save! 


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