Thursday, July 16, 2015

Part Time Jobs

Ever since I left the workforce, I had been looking for a part time job. 
But I realized that most of the job portal are mostly for full time and contract or temp vacancies. 

Then I am glad I came across the website that posts many part time job vacancies. 
In fact the demand for Part Time Jobs in Singapore is relatively high but just that not all the online job portals provides that. 

3 Reasons for a Part Time Job Singapore

1. Time Flexibility
Especially for students who are waiting for their results or parents that want to earn extra bucks when their kids are not at home or for people like me who is working free lance, I think part time job rocks as you can choose the job based on your time preference. 

2. Extra Pocket Money
This comes in especially handy for students who are waiting for results, and wanting to earn the extra cash for themselves. 
Part Time Jobs for Students can help them earn extra bucks for themselves and lighten the parents load as well~

3. Discover New horizon
As a part timer, you do not need to be experience in order to do the job and who knows the job is something that you might love doing. 

Let's explore and earn the extra pocket money. 

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