Friday, June 19, 2015

Reno 101: Kitchen CounterTop

I guess this is the part where most home owners will post when they are faced with the material for the Kitchen Work Top.
So, I gathered some research and decided to post it here. :)
Solid Surface, Quartz and Granite are the most common surface that are used for Kitchen Countertop.
However, which surface to choose depends on your preference, your budget and the kind and amount of usage.

Granite: 100% Natural Stone
Quartz: Man Made, 80%-95% crushed quartz
Solid Surface: Man Made, Acrylic/Plastic

Top Range: Granite
Middle Range: Quartz
Lower Range: Solid Top

Heat / Scratch Resistance Level
Highest Heat Resistance: Granite (Not affected by heat and most scratch resistant)
Middle Heat Resistance: Quartz
(Affected by heat that is more than 400deg and scratch resistant)
Lowest Heat Resistance: Solid Top
(Affected by heat but can be countered by placing a mat underneath and more scratch prone)

Seam / Seamless
Seam: Granite & Quartz
Seamless: Solid Top

Maintaining Granite is relatively easy, Quartz comes next.
However, both require periodical sealing at the seam areas.
Solid Top on the other hand, although prone to scratches, they can be sanded out during polishing.

Variety of Colors
Granite: Least choice, most of them are black.
Quartz: Slightly more variety to choose from
Solid Top: Array of colors to play with.



Solid Top

Hope this short post here, clears up most of the infuriating concerns of the house owners.

TGIF and have a nice weekend~


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