Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ice Desserts to tide through.

The Sun is not showing any mercy this month. 
The heat level is unbearable, and it burns!

All I want to do is to laze in the pool, craving for ice every minute, urging to shower and hide in the air con areas. 

So this past weeks, I have been indulging in ICE!

Assorted Cocktail fruits with Jelly
Best served with lime, refreshing, thirst quenching and cooling!
Location: 928 Yishun Central S760928 (next to the laksa store)

Chendol & Ice Kacang
Softest and fluffiest shaved ice. 
Love such fluffy ice as the syrup gets absorbed best,
Location: Causeway Point - Food Republic

Thai Ice Red Ruby
Crunchy rubies with tinge of jackfuit,
Best Red Ruby that I have tasted, even though the ice can be more fine
Location: 233 Yishun Nahkon Thai Food S760233

Famous Ice Longan Red Tea Jelly 
Tea infused red tea jelly, with the condense/evaporated milk that has a slight resemblance to the bubble tea. 
The Jelly has a very fragrant tea smell yet light. 
Together with the longan syrup, blown me to heaven!
So this is the commando dessert that you must have when in Changi Village
Location: Mei Lin Leng Re Yin Pin Dessert Stall
Block 2 Changi Village Road Singapore 500002


  1. Thank you for sharing the article. Looks so good!
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  2. I have been loving ice cream since childhood. It is my weakness. I cannot imagine a hot summer day without ice cream. This dessert looks like very tasty ice cream. Of course, I will try to make it.