Wednesday, June 24, 2015

3 things about Internship

Internships in Singapore
I guess every Singapore students in Singapore have went through internships during their curriculum. 
As for me, Singapore Internship can be allocated by our schools if not, we can always send out our CV to the companies that we are keen in and go through the “standard” interview process.

My first internship started off during my Polytechnic days. I was in the Business Faculty, majoring in Banking and Finance. So I was glad that I was posted to one of the biggest local company in Singapore for my internship. Even though, I didn’t have to work overtime for the company, but I still stayed back on my own accord to learn more from my seniors.

3 things about Internship Singapore:

1.       Internships allows you to be exposed to the working society

This is the utmost important factor during internship, as it is the first step into the working world. For me, when I was still schooling, I always imagined that the working world is fun, but in fact, it was more stress than fun. The learning curve was very steep and fast moving. You have to keep moving forward, rectify any “hurdle” that comes along the way.

2.       Career Development

The experience and training that the internship company provides you is vital to your CV during your job search after graduation. Internship provides you with career development and experience. It also allows you to know if you really love what you studied.

3.       Providing with you what’s out of the curriculum.
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Many a times, I always think that so long as we remember and do well in the exams, we will land ourselves in our dream job easily. But then most companies look out for job experience over the curriculum.

Internships in Singapore really encompasses us with the skill sets that are relevant to our course of studies as well as the competitive advantage over others. 

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