Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Ever since I started working back in Jan, I realised I hardly got anytime for myself.
I am totally drained and lethargic.
I hardly got time to see my parents.
I probably need to let go of something in my life once again.
Yes, I admit I am a lot more happier than before,
but at the same time, I am a lot busier than before.
Before I can flip over to the next month, my scheduler is filled up till at least the 2nd week of the new month.
Nowadays, sad to say, I haven got enough time to even clock in time for the blog.
If I have that extra hour / minute, I will most likely dedicate to the quality time with my family as well as the extended ones.
Can someone create another rest day in between Saturdays and Sundays, please!!

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