Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My choice of Valentine Gift


Been so busy with CNY baking and preparations, that I almost forgotten that Valentine Day is round the corner. 

My 2nd Valentine as Mrs, this year Valentine will be slightly different from the usual. 
keeping it a secret first, i will only unveil the secret on 14 Feb! 
So follow me on Instagram to know my secret whereabouts! 

Been together with the Mr since 2007, so this marks the 7th Valentine together. And I'm already running out of ideas for the gift choice. 

Wallets, Card Holder, Watch, Belts etc etc. whatever I can think of has been presented to him already. 
This year, I am thinking of customizing a gift for him, but I was still searching online for the perfect gift. 

Lucky me, I found Beans to Bars
They do customizing for the box, so cool ikr. 

A short history about Beans to Bars
- Chocolates contain 0% vegetable oils
- Chocolates are exclusive - we are exclusive distributors of these award winning chocolates
- Chocolates are made by artisans whose number 1 passion is chocolates - our chocolates are not made by a preprogrammed machine or, no offense, a part-time student employee following a simple step-by-step procedures 
- Chocolates are unique. Our chocolates are not catered to the masses and so they can be more experimental. Some of the ingredients found in some of our chocolates are porcini mushrooms, peanut butter, cinnamon, cordyceps, maitake, tahini, and organic mulberries.
- Chocolates comes personalised for the recipients - be it a free personalised note printed on earth-friendly cocoa bean paper to a 100% pinewood box with a personalised image (e.g., selfie) of your choice.

See my wooden box, a personalized version which makes the perfect gift.
Not only that, Beans to Bars is so nice to include a wood piece that allow me to remove the cover and use it as a frame!

The chocolates that I've chose. 

Elementus Fit
Elementus Fit is 1 of 8 chocolates that promotes health and bodily functions. All Elementus chocolates are organic, contains no added sugar, and is dairy and gluten free. Fit is designed to help you get fit and contains ingredients such as seaweed extract ID-aIG, Cinnamon, and Cayenne pepper - ingredients that increases metabolism, suppress hunger, and prevent fat absorption.

We love sesame. We love Tahini, a Middle Eastern paste made from sesame. We love the smell of sesame oil – Addictive! Here, sesame seeds and paste give this organic chocolate bar a mild sesame flavour and an intriguing texture. Buy this because of its distinct sesame taste and amazing texture.

Wild Porcini mushroom and dark milk chocolate combined so naturally and beautifully you almost taste what the word “symmetry” should taste like. Nutty and woody. Finishes spectacularly. Memorably delicious. 

100% cocoa drinking chocolate
We think: Treat yourself and your mood and vitality with a cup of rich drinking chocolate made from single origin fine flavour cocoa. 100% pure cocoa in flakes for quick preparation. Simmer with water, milk, cream or any liquid of your choice (we haven't done this yet but we have plans to try this with oats). Sweeten with sugar or honey and season with sea salt or your favourite spices. Serve in small espresso cups. Buy this for that favourite cafe in your home feeling.

70% couverture 
We think: Very high in cocoa butter. Very rich, very luxurious. Velvety. Perfect balance of sweetness and complex bitterness. If you munch as you bake, beware – you may not have enough left for your recipe.

Now I have everything that I need to gift it to the Mr. 
He is a avid chocolate lover, so this gift is just too perfect for him and not forgetting myself, cos I can use the 70% couverture for baking more cookies and cakes! 

This Valentine, Beans to Bars will be giving a free gift cards with every purchase.
Their gift card is too pretty please!

Do you know that they are running Valentine's Day promotion?

They are giving away 50 bars of a new product (70% dark with sugar crystals worth $16 a bar) for Valentine's day. Visit their FACEBOOK for more details! 

With Valentine's Day approaching in a few days time, please hurry over to BEANSTOBARS for your gift ideas this Valentine.

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