Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cedele Food Review

Health requires Healthy Food
- Roger Williams-
Was honoured to receiving a Media Invite from Cedele.
Not a new name in town, but do you know that they no longer serve sandwiches and coffee.
They now label themselves as the Healthy Food Bakery.

The handmade quality you can trust; the homemade quality you can taste
Cedele’s original uncompromising principles have always set us apart, and we keep those same principles close to our heart till this very day.

Crafted for the Conscious Eating

Started the meal with a side, Mushroom Bruschette

Self Serve Free Flow Bread counter

Love baguettes like this!

Sirloin Pasta
Tender beef stripes and al dente linguine
Seafood Risotto
That the hubz is full of praises, delighting his taste bud at every mouthful
Ended the dinner with a sweet treat
Salted Caramel Ice Cream
It's really a big scoop of icecream!
Thank you Cedele for the invite, I really enjoyed the dinner at Wheelock. One of the waitress was really helpful in her service.
This will definitely be a place that I will recommend for a girls night out.
Healthy Food ftw!

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