Wednesday, January 7, 2015


This phrase is so popular that I don't even need to elaborate further.
A selfie is so easy to take so long as we have a good camera mobile. 
Holding the phone about 45deg above our height will give one a perfect shoot. 
On days where I dressed up, or on good hair days or with good skin condition, I will tend to take a selfie. 

A photograph that one has taken for a group with a smartphone. 

It used to be not able to take a group photo together without a tripod or without someone missing from the group.
So, it has always been a chore to take a wefie with a group of friends. 
Either, we find the tallest person amongst us, if not we will have one person standing all the way to the front and unfortunately, the person will have a huge face in the photo.

All thanks to the innovative people around us, we now all know of a selfie stick. 

*Random Fact: I did use a DUSTPAN before to take a group photo! 
Don't laugh, we really used a dustpan to have this photo taken, even Baby L is amazed by it that he is looking at the camera. 
ahh, now that mummies will know how to attract attention from the baby. :) 

Now I can take my selfie, wefie at ease!! 
Thank you for sponsoring me a selfie stick that came just in time for my Christmas Parties! 
Selfie Stick removes limitations of a short hand and helps you take captivating self portraits from all angles without depending on a mirror.
Ultra Light (500g) with extension up to 97cm and portable, taking wefie is so hassle free! 

Good thing about this selfie stick is: I can even use my Note3 to take a photo! 

Thank you for the sponsorship!
I can #selfie #wefie anytime! 

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