Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Summarizing my 2014

365 days flies. 
It's another new year ahead. 
2014 held a lot of memories for me and my family. 

I started 2014 with a ring on my Finger. 
I got married and took my Hubz surname, Miss Lin to Mrs Chan. 
In fact until now, I have not gotten used to it. 
Someone rang me up looking for Mrs Chan, I replied angrily "Wrong Number" only to realize that I am Mrs Chan. 

It was indeed a joyous occasion for us, our families and friends. 
Into a year of being a Mrs, my life and living habits did change quite a bit. 
I will leave that to another blogpost. 
But I am happy and blessed to find someone who shares the same thoughts as me. 
I married my Best Friend. 

My house has been fully renovated and ready to move in right after wedding and our mini-moon to Huahin/Bangkok.

St Regis!

My 90% ready home! 

This year has nothing but a lot of beautiful memories to keep. 
A lot of house gatherings over at #dannyvalene crib to celebrate the new home. 
In this year, I cooked more than I can count. 

Quite a eventful year for me. I gained more than I lost. 

MediaCorp Filming at my crib!

Looked back to check my resolutions that I made for 2014

2014 Resolutions: 
Late resolutions settings but its better than never!

1. Worked doubly hard for my passion
2. To be able to log a #dvtravelogue before the year ends 
3. I need to tighten my belt to save more money! 

I think I am working towards my goal for #1, cos I resigned and have started to have some sponsors for my blog. I have gotten myself out of the banking world and will be returning to workforce from Jan onward. 
I will be earning extra groceries money come January by tutoring. 

Yes, i did it with the help of #stylexstyle cos I was chosen to travel to Macau with the crew. 
So blessed to be able to create #dvtravelogue before the year ends. :) 

errr, this one did not work out cos i resign without a job and so here I am, leeching on my #barelyenoughsavings

There are some friends that stayed with me through the years and at the same time, some friends leave. for those who left me, i would like to say thank you, for letting me know if I was worthy enough to be your friend. 
In this particular year, I seemed to realize who are the ones that are I should spend my time with and who are those I can just say bye. 

So I'm glad to have my bunch of girls who stick with me through the years and I'm glad to have them by my side. We don't have to be physically there, but I know they will be there if I need. 
Not judging each other, not pretentious, just the way we are since decade ago. 

The bunch of ex colleagues whom turn friends

The friends that I made via social media

The VAV girls!  

Ex Colleagues, Ex Ex Colleagues, Ex Ex E Colleagues turn Friends

In this year, I have learnt the word CHERISH by the hardest way. 
I lost my uncle in the last quarter of the year. 
Life is so fragile that my tears are on the verge of dropping at this particular moment. 
My uncle helped me so much through my wedding preparations, all the traditions that we need to follow through. 
If I had known, I would have spend more time with him. 
舅舅, 希望您一路好走, 我会永远记得您。您的笑声,您的好脾气,您教导我的一切, 我会切记在心里。 

I'm really thankful for all the bitter, sweet memories throughout the year. 
The blogging opportunities that I had in 2014, I'm really thankful. 

I'm now feeling all excited to see what's installed for me for 2015 and I know it will definitely be a better year ahead. 

Dear 2014, thank you for the memories, 
Hello 2015, I'm all ready for you! 

See you, NEXT YEAR! 


  1. very heartfelt post! thanks for keeping me in your list, and I'm looking forward to more PIC dates in 2015. bring it on! :)
    much love.

    1. Thanks dear for reading my post. :) Hope to meet up with u more often. need to make a pact to meet up more even if it's just the both of us! :)

  2. very happy to be in your life as well. love you val! <3