Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Buffet at Makan @ Hotel JEN

Hotel Jen Orchard is located right in the heart of Orchard Road.

277 Orchard Road Singapore 238858

We decided that to dine at Makan@JEN to celebrate my daddy's birthday!
Greeted with two pretty bicycles at the Hotel Main Entrance, and these bicycles are actually provided to the guests for free!

Mon to Sun: 06:30 - 22:00
$40++ (Sun to Thurs)
$55++ (Fri and Sat)

The pretty Bamboo Bicyles, seemed so apt for leisure cycling.

Salad Bar
Fresh and Crisp Greens. Cold Salad Mixes. 

Seafood, Sashimi on the Rocks 
Fresh and yummy.
Nope, they don't serve raw oysters. 

The roasted duck & crispy roasted pork belly
Loving the crispiness of the roasted pork. :)

The noodles bar. :) 

The live section of the buffet. 
Hot from the kitchen. 

The juicy grilled lobsters.
I always love my seafood (especially prawns, lobsters and crayfish) to be bbq! 
smells so good and taste marvelous. 

Oysters lover? No raw ones, but they have baked cheese oyster. 
The oyster tastes juicy and slightly raw. A very different type of oysters, in my opinion.

The Sweet Treats

A wide variety of cakes to choose from, at least 6 flavors of ice-cream (i love jackfruit icecream), bottles of sweets and plates of chocolates to end the night with a sweet note. 

By then we are already filled to the brim, tea to rescue! 

We enjoyed ourselves and stuffed ourselves silly throughout the night. 

Family Time is the Best Time Spent! 


  1. Hi, just wanna ask if the photos that you have posted is all the food that they are serving or just highlights?

    1. Hi Han Yang, thank you for dropping by. Most but not all the food that they served are captured here. I was too hungry that day to even snap all the food. :)