Friday, November 7, 2014

Yishun Kway Chup

Located in Yishun along Yishun Street 22 (opposite Church)
Block 293 

By far, the most traditional and yummy kuay chup that I've eaten. This Kuay Chup is owned by my Uncle and he has been in the business for more than two decades or maybe longer than that.
They operate from early morning to early afternoon, and usually by then most of the items are sold out. :)

Home Made Traditional Recipe since decades ago, supported by many fans.

I totally love the silkiness of the kway and the soup fragrance.

My Favourite Picks
1. Large Intestines - 大肠
2. Pig Skin - 猪皮
3. Pork Belly - 猪肉
4. Toufu - 豆腐
5. Braised Eggs - 卤蛋

Not only you can have your kway chup fix at the store, my uncle sells great porridge too!  

So, have I got you hungry yet?


  1. I like all meals you have shared above. However, I have never tried out any of them. Where are you located?

  2. I like Japanese culture, but especially its cuisine. So I would also try the most traditional and yummy kuay chup. This cafe and the food they cook look pretty cool. Thank you for sharing your opinion.