Thursday, December 4, 2014

Waffles Day

Wimbly Lu Waffles
Jalan Riang

Not too difficult to spot this place, just spot this vintage red beetle :) 

The opening hours, please note that they are closed on Mondays! 

The chocolate affairs 

Pastries coma! 

The pretty menu. I love their logo, like a carriage, don't you agree?

The full menu, limited choices. 

From where I sit 

The drinks, and that's me in the background, trying to take a layflat view. 
Camera eats first! 

The must order 
Legendary waffles with my favorite Sea Salt Caramel Icecream 

Happy me with my orders 

Spot this when you are there! :)

Desserts times are always the Happiest!! 

Till the next.

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  1. Perhaps it's because I am feeling hungry now. Your food pics look exceptionally inviting! Thanks for introducing this place :) Yes, till the next...