Monday, October 20, 2014

Travelling Checklist

Why do we love airports? 
Because they are modern gates to adventure. 
They take us to far away lands and are our doorway back home. 
But let’s be real, we’re always just a tad more excited to be departing than returning. 

In our mind, adventure is definitely the best way to learn! Whether that’s experiencing something for the first time, seeing a new place for the first time, or learning to handle totally new situations you’ve never been in before. Adventure is by far the best way to learn.

Travel to find adventure. Travel to find friends, family or home. Travel to find happiness, to find love, to find passion, or knowledge. But most of all, travel to find yourself.

Credits: Google

Its nearing Year end again, and i see many around me planning for a travel. 

So I have added my personal checklist for below for those who needs a little help in their packing.
Travel Comfortably, Travel Light and Enjoy~ 

Till the next


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