Friday, September 12, 2014

Review: NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum


NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum SPF 25

NEW! NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum SPF 25 contains an impressive blend of 100X 
concentrated Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, hydra IQ technology and SPF 25. It 
efectively repairs the 10 signs of dry and damaged skin, supplies and prevents loss of moisture 
and protects skin against sun damage.

 It’s time to stop showing favoritism to your facial skin. The body makes 
up the majority of your appearance. A lack of attention given to it increases your perceived age. 
Exposure to the sun and harsh environmental influences results in the loss of moisture and 
essential oils that protects your skin, leaving it dry and damaged. Such skin tends to make one 
appear older than he/she is. Pamper the skin of your body with NEW! NIVEA Body Intensive 
Moisture Serum SPF 25, the first body serum that not only repairs 10 signs of extra 
accumulated dry and damaged skin within 24 hours, but also shields it from the sun

To many, I have fair and tender/supple skin, But actually my skin is very dry and flakes easily.
You must be wondering how do I know if I have dry skin?

1. Flaky 
2. Itchy 
3. Uneven
4. Scratched
5. Rough
6. Cracked
7. Stressed
8. Dull
9. Peeling
10. Tight

Protects against loss of moisture: 100X concentrated Vitamin E & Grape Seed Oil
 Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil are famous for their strong antioxidant 
 Capable of defending skin cells from sun induced  problems and free radical damages; the presence of these ingredients guards your skin loyally from the loss of moisture. 

Repairs Dry & Damaged Skin: Avocado Oil
Avocado oil -  natural oil that is most easily absorbed by the skin and transported deep into 
the tissues, avocado oil aids in relieving dryness and itch, contributes to 
regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin, and repairs dry and damaged skin in 
the process

Supply skin with moisture: Hydra IQ
Inspired by a nobel prized winning discovery, Hydra IQ works by increasing the number of water 
channels in the skin cells by 3 times. As such, water flows better and faster from cell to cell, 
and even reaches the deeper layers of the skin. This restores skin’s own moisture supply and 
regulates the balance of moisture within it

Protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays : SPF 25 & PA++
 SPF 25 and PA++ was added into the intensive moisture serum. The moisturize serum now serves as both a moisture serum and a sunscreen, saving you the hassle of having to slather on sun protection 
after applying body moisturizer

Apply generously all over the body after shower or as and when skin shows signs of dullness and dryness. Recommended for use during the day as product comes with SPF protection.

My Review
An extra light and non-sticky serum formula to allow for quick absorption into the skin
The first cream that I think it suits the Singapore Weather as it is watery and my skin could breathe even when I applied on a hot afternoon. 
No wonder this is call a Moisture Serum and NOT cream!
Call me bias, but I always like my beauty products to be either gel/watery based instead of cream. 

This serum smells like baby powder, no kidding. :)

This Bottle is definitely has its space on my vanity table!

Thank You Nivea & Sample Store for the sponsor! 

The invention of the serum has resulted in the rebirth of NIVEA Intensive 
Moisture Body Milk. With the inclusion of the new ingredients - Vitamin E, 
Grape Seed Oil and Avocado Oil, the improved formula is better equipped 
to provide long-lasting & intensive care for dry to very dry skin. 

Available in 3 sizes 
75ml ($2.00)
250ml ($6.90)
400ml ($9.90) 

NEW! NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk 
are retailing at all major pharmacies and supermarkets
including Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice outlets and major retailers

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Protect your skin starting from now!
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