Wednesday, September 3, 2014

5 Places you MUST visit in Yishun!

Yishun is considered as one of the matured neighborhood. 
After staying here for a couple of months, we decided to do a little excursion around our neighborhood. 

The list below is just a couple of places that we went over the weekend. 

1. Yishun Park 
Yishun Park (managed by National Parks Board) – a 13 ha park in the centre of the housing estate. Used to be a rubber estate, it is thickly covered with natural vegetation. 

There are a lot of tropical fruit trees planted within the park. 
There are signage to each tree, educating the park goers. 
A mini educational tour. 
The park welcomes joggers too as there are many jogging tracks available.
Bring your family and take a stroll in the park for your weekend family bonding :)

Part of the land was developed into the SAFRA Yishun Country Club

2. Safra Country Club

The Adventure Sport Center
Safra Yishun has a big swimming pool, rock climbing facilities and adventure activities. Not only that, there are restaurants like Eatzi Gourmet and PinSi.

Walked a little further, you will spot this!
3. Yishun Pond
Yes, a pond within the neighborhood!

The overhead bridge that links the park to the pond. 
Spot this bridge during the night time, cos this is the only bridge that is so beautifully lighted. 

Yishun Pond is part of the Active, Beautiful and Clean Water (ABC Water) which encourage the community bonding and new recreation spaces, turning Singapore into a City of Gardens and Water

4. Orchid Country Club
This country club house a big golf course, swimming pool, lodges, bowling, restaurants, NTUC and many more. 
Now we can have many recreational spaces to enjoy. 

5. Reservoir
Bounded by Yishun Ave 1 and Lentor Avenue

Loving the serenity in this park. 
Such a pretty place that we can visit more often, I hope we had more time to enjoy the tranquility.  
Time to put your mobile down, spend some quality time with your love ones. 
Do a small picnic, sitting at the benches and enjoy the breeze and laughters.

"Take a moment to appreciate every little thing." 

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