Friday, June 13, 2014

Zalora & Discount Code

I think most of you are familiar with the brand ZALORA due to the vast advertisement that you see everywhere when you surf the internet. 

Well, I have not shopped with Zalora before despite the vast advertorials. Born a shopaholic, to be able to resist the temptation to click into the web is really a test of my perseverance! LOL

But in the end, i succumb to temptations, after so long.
It all started with my dearest Colleague who is always surfing the web!
she showed me a pair of shoes that she thought i will like and that there was some discount for the shoes and I gave in!

So needless to say, my first item from Zalora was the pair of shoes and it didnt just stopped at one, but 3!

This was what caught my eyes.
The heels in the perfect height, the hot and eye catchy red and the luring bow. 

One good thing of shopping at ZALORA is cos I am able to do an free return and refund within 30days! 

such a hassle free process, just drop by the nearest post office and pass them the parcel. Whats more, its FREE. 

To make things better, we can now even install the apps and shop on the go! The apps is even able to update you with the latest discount and sales that is ongoing. 
Shopping can be so easy, on the go and FUSS FREE! 
gone are the days where we need to step out of the house and shop. 

Quote: ZBAPBBs

For the 15% voucher code 
(for first time customers only)

Start shopping now! 

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