Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wedding: BLUEBAY Pre-Wedding Shoot


Finally getting myself down to blog about my pre-wedding shoot experience.
If you do not already know, I had my bridal shoot in Taiwan

D never wanted the wedding shoot to be in Singapore, so Taiwan was the cheaper choice among all.
(i.e we short-listed Hong Kong & Korea)
We checked out a few bridal that offered the overseas shoot, but only Bluebay provided us with the best choices and the ladies over at the bridal were very friendly too! 
Till date, I'm still keeping in touch with the Singapore Branch Manager, Maggie :) 

We only took their pre wedding shoot package cos I've eyed on the gown at a local bridal which I will blog the next time :) 
The price tag was pretty affordable for the pre wedding shoot, although we need to pay for our own air tickets and accommodation. We treated the trip as an excuse to travel and at the same time prepping for the wedding. 

Both me and D decided to travel in April to Taiwan for the shoot, due to the lovely weather, temperature was around 20deg. 
We scheduled our shoot on a Friday, and jetted to Taiwan on Wednesday Midnight flight. 
And upon reaching Taiwan, Bluebay has arranged for Airport Pickup to the Hotel. *thumbs up* 
This really saved us a lot of troubles, as Taiwan Airport has no direct train svc to to the city. Of cos there is bus service there but due to the fact that we reach Taiwan at 5.30am.... =S

Checked in to our loveliest hotel!

77 wuchang street
section 2
taipei 10843

amba TAIPEI XIMENDING is located in the trendy Ximending shopping and entertainment area in the Wanhua District of Western Taipei, just:

five minutes walk from the Taipei Metro Ximen Station
one metro stop from the Taipei Main Station
25 minutes drive to Taipei 101 and Taipei World Trade Center

Cut short with the travelogue
*as I want to focus on the prewedding shoot process. 

After taking a nap at the hotel and some quick lunch at Ah-Zong Mian Xian,
we headed to Bluebay to choose our shoot outfits.

I was given 5 outfits for the shoot. I went with nothing much in mind as I consider myself quite open minded about the gown selection.
Not sure if I am considered as a slow BTB, I took close to 4 hours to finalise all the gowns, matching suits and the shoot location.

I am amazed by their tailor that they actually can resize the gown overnight.
The staff over at the Taiwan branch were all very friendly and approachable, just like how Maggie and team service us in Singapore.
I tried on countless of gowns and the lady was so patient with me. I considered myself a fussy BTB.
but until the very end, I had problem choosing 5 gowns out of the 7 gowns that I had.
What i did was I told the lady the type of gown that I have in mind, and she managed to bring out all the gowns that fit my description. Best of all, they allow us to take pic of the gowns so that we can rem it, which is very unlike of Singapore.

Seeing that we have chosen our gown till almost 8pm, they even bought us dinner. The packed bento was really very yummy, and guess what, they even refused to collect our money.
Nitty Gritty things like this really got us singing praises.

After everything has been settled, like the time to meet, ensuring that we have enough of sleep and the props and accessories are all ready.
We went back to the hotel to rest.

Unfortunately, we woke up to a ULTRA GLOOMY Weather!

my mood was seriously dampen but we still headed to Bluebay.
Unfortunately we had to cancel the shoot as the venues are all outdoor.
-slaps forehead-
fortunately, we managed to squeeze in a slot for the Monday Shoot (a day before leaving for SG) with the BEST photographer in BlueBay, Mr KIWI!

Gotten one of the best MUA and also the best photographer makes up for everything
All the photos turned out so gorgeously that we succumb to temptations and bought extra 50 photos!

So showcasing all my Fav shots with all my 5 gowns. :)
(all the different scenes too!)

Looking back at these photos, really bring back the fond memories where we were all treated like Prince&Princess.

Mr Kiwi show his professionalism throughout the whole shoot. He is such a fun to be with photographer that we got over the camera shy feeling pretty fast. 
All his shots were perfect. 

MUA, Jianing did a great job in dolling me up and i really love her works. A pretty mummy, i say. 

Little Assistant, Xiao E is such a sweet and petite girl who rem to take all the behind the scene shoots that really timetravel us back to the photoshoot.

And Maggie & Elsa for helping us with coordination and being so nice and friendly. 

We are absolutely loving the moment. 

A note to all the BTB that are prepping for the prewed shoot
please enjoy all the moments of the shoot, and do it the way u like it to be. 
SMILE MORE and you will be awesome! 


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  2. Hi Valene! Love your pre-wedding photos! SO beautiful! Congrats and I wish you a happy and wonderful married life ahead :)

  3. Lovely pics! Where can I get the bouquets? They're so pretty!

    1. Hello, are you prepping for your wedding soon? COngratsssss~

      you may wan to refer to the link as I have blogged about the wedding preparations, hope it will come useful for you!

  4. Wow!!! I love these beautiful korea pre wedding photoshoot ..Thank you for such a fantastic blog. Where else could anyone get that kind of photography in such a perfect way? Keep posting...

  5. These pre wedding photographs are very lovely! We also had pre wedding photo shoot in Italy. Actually we couldn’t afford the destination wedding so we planned having a destination pre wedding photo shoot. We got married at a domestic Las Vegas Weddings venue that was very pretty!

  6. the pix links are not working :(

  7. hi..can i know how much was your pre-wed photoshoot package?
    my HTB wanted a cheery blossom photos..when will be the best time to go? beginning, mid, end of march?

  8. hello may i know your photoshoot venue!