Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Officially MARRIED!

Been very held up in the month of December due to the massive Xmas gatherings, Wedding Preparations and the Renovations. 

I am glad that everything has been completed and now I'm a happy Mrs Chan

Just feeling nostalgic today. 
This is my March-In Song and this definitely brings back a lot of fond memories 3 weeks ago.
This song really brings a smile across my lips and the moments that my family and friends shared with me.

I will be back to blog about my wedding preparations and stuff!

Till I get my new lappie. :) 

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  1. Hey! Such a gorgeous bridal dress. I loved it, and bride is looking so beautiful in it. For my younger sister’s wedding at one of NYC wedding venues. She was wearing an elegant dress that was loved by everyone and was designed by her friend. I do loved it and planning to get my dress designed by her.