Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blogging on the go

I really felt bad to leave this space in webs. 

But cos my pc kinda died on me, it makes it harder for me to pen my thoughts here. 
Lucky or what, I can blog on the go on Dayre! :) 

Follow me! 

For those who are new to Dayre, 
I am always thinking how to blog an entry with so many photos, 
then I came to realise that the photos are uploaded in each entity. 

Each post allow you to post 500 charaters and a photo, 
but if you post a few, it will auto combine itself and turns out to be entry! 

in less than 4 weeks to the wedding.
More items are settled. 
with more to-do items sprouting everywhere. 
So many things to be done yet so little time. 

Slurping on my one for one Starbucks now~ 

Till the next post! 

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