Monday, November 4, 2013

November, you came too fast!

Hello November

Why are you here so fast?
sorry for the lack of updates recently, cos i've been super busy running around to get household items. 

Although I've been pretty busy with my renovation, 
I have been instagramming what I have been up too! 
So follow me here! 

The Pretty gown for the local shoot! 
Really super keen to get this for AD, but my parents are quite against this. 
so, more gowns to try on before deciding the ONE for the AD. 
Hope you are curious like me too. 

I am LOVING this look to BITS please!
Light yet making me look flawless!!!!!!! 
I need to heed the MUA for the powder that she has been using on me. 
This photo has no editing at all, no MTXX, just valencia filter at instagram

Wedding Invite chosen, now waiting for the 1st edit before sending for prints! 
Woohoo, cannot wait to receiving the invites. 
#tediousjob ahead

Been a long time since I took photo of my OFTD! 
It was a Tuesday where I decided to play dressup! :)

Yes, I collected my long awaited KEYS to my home! 
This is the living room - 5room flat. 
I'm loving this space of mine~ 

Getting the keys would mean more SHOPPING!

Yes,MOST of my household stuff have been bought!
Pockets bleeding profusely BUT! I know money can be saved all over again. 
Nothing beats the feeling of building your own lovely place of your own from scratch. 

Items that are still lacking (anyone wanna sponsor?) 
1. Iron & Iron Board
2. Labtop
3. Curtains
4. Baking Mixer (Kitchenaid?) No la, I dont need so atas one
5. Baking utensils
6. Tupperware 
7. Steam Iron
8. Cash/Vouchers if you guys cannot think of anything to get me! LOL!

I will share my ID and places where I got all my household items in another blogpost soon. 

Till the next post! 

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