Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello October. Last Quarter of 2013

Hello October
Into the final 3 months of Wedding Countdown. 

Jittery and Anxious. 

This October is a month filled with wedding items to settle. 

Firstly, I will be taking my KEYS from HDB! 
The surreal feeling of taking the keys is still lingering around. 
Took half day off for the Key Collection, and cannot wait to open the doors of my home. 

I reckon my Instagram, Blog and all my Social Media will be filled with house and wedding stuff. 
So please tolerate a bit ya ^^

I am so glad that this blog has grow along with me, allowing me to pen down the bits and pieces of my wedding and house preparation. 
Which in fact it helps me keep track of the checklist for me. :) 

I'm onto the final stage of the photoshoot layout. 
Last bit of amendments and it will be all ready to print and deliver! *yahoo!*
Ya, I know it's taking such a looooooonnnng time. Blame me! cos I've been sitting on it for too long already. 

Next up, I'm choosing my wedding theme, favours and invites from the Hotel already. 
I've took quite a bit of effort to choose all the items for the banquet, so hoping you guys will like it. 

And I will having my local photoshoot on the 4th week. 
Even though this is the 2nd time, I am still looking forward to it! :) 
For some reason, girls still like to be treated like a princess~~

Many have asked me if I will be going for a Honeymoon. Some people boo at the idea if its somewhere nearby, but to me so long as its the both of us and we are happy, it does not matter where we go right? 
A short trip first and saving up for a better trip ^^
D & I have kinda decided to go on a short trip after the wedding and hopeful for a long one at the end of 2014.
I will be buying my air tickets soon before my savings account runs dry! 

More and more things are more or less settled and things are falling in place slowly. 

Last 3 months, let's go! 

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