Monday, October 21, 2013

Foodlogy: 49 Seats

Something in the back log that I've been always wanting to blog. 
I'm trying my very best not to flood my blog with my wedding preparations and house renovations in case you get too bored. 

Somewhere in May, I WON a free treat at 49Seats via their Facebook Contest. 
I was their FIRST winner to be able to win complimentary dinner for 4 pax!! 
But I never get a chance to arrange for the free dinner until August. 
So this is how backdated this post is! 

Presenting to you..... 

49 Kreta Ayer Road
Singapore 089007

Call for Reservation: 6225 4332

Open Mondays to Saturdays from 6pm - 4.30am

Good place to hang out after wee hours!
Prices are NETT with NO GST or Service Charge.

Made a reservations before I head down to the place with my friends :)

The simple monochrome interior.
the TV was showing live NDP! hahaha..
-no prizes for guessing when I went!-

Very Vintage Menu
That I thought I needed to flip with extra care in case I tear it!

Some beer promotions that got the boys attention!

The staffs were very attentive to us. They kept coming to us for our orders and recommended us some of the "Must" orders!

So my 4 free meals comes with Soup + Main + Drinks 

Cream of Mushroom for me, please.
This is not the type of thick soup that you get in Soup Spoon, neither is so watery like Campbell
Just the way I like it.
Flavourful with each spoon, perfect with the nicely toasted bread.

D, being adventurous, ordered Cream of Carrot.
I was blown away by the soup, cos there was not a tinge of the carroty tinge that I don't like.
An appetizing soup to begin before savouring.

Since we are there, we decided to order sides to share ^^

The sinful yet yummy CHEESY FRIES.
Really blew my mind off, that I didn't remember the sinfulness and the calories count!
We savour every single fries to the very bit.

Always a fan of escargots, but never did I try on fried ones before.
So this dish was kinda must order.
Deep fried until golden, bite sized snack that is so easily "picked up" one after another.

Jeng Jeng! 
My Long awaited TOM YAM PASTA!
I'm a die hard fan of Tom Yam and this pasta really yums to the very last mouth.
Not a strand of pasta was left.
This is how much I'm loving this dish.
While I'm typing this, I'm already salivating!!!
I guess the day the Tom Yam was exceptionally spicy for my taste, for a chilli padi lover like me find it a wee bit spicy
This is definitely not stopping me from going back for more!
*rubs tummy*

The guys' orders
Fried to perfection, crunchy on the outside, tender in the inside.
The guys couldn't stop eating this and let out a loud burp afterwhich!

No, this sauce won't get you too sick after eating.
In face the guys loved it!
This sauce is not too creamy but it tasted perfect with the fish and chips.
No wonder the sauce was emptied~

For those who don't like fried stuff, this PAN FRIED FISH is the choice for you too!
But the fish was a little wee bit small for my girlfriend.
Something lighter and less flavourful than our orders.

Really a yummy meal that wrapped up the beautiful evening and we were all TOO full for desserts.

Ending this entry with a photo of us,
in case you missed ME too much!

ok, my hair is soo long back then!

Peplum top: Love & Bravery
Watch: BCBG

I promised to update this space more often! 
Till the next entry~ 

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