Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Please allow me

... to pen down my thoughts in this little space of mine. 


Due to the wedding preparation that is piling up in the next quarter of the year, the amount of anxiety and stress is kinda overwhelming. 
Every item on the list need to be taken care of. So intricate that every small details counts. 

I'm more or less confirmed the theme for my wedding, my JieMei's outfit and the Xiong Di's outfit. 
Guest lists are confirmed and Verbal/Facebook invites have been done. 
Makeup for the Mother's have been confirmed.
Red Packets, Double Xi Stickers and Decorative for both our parents houses and my own house have all been ordered. 
Ring Bearer checked. 
Guo Da Li Cakes and Pastries checked 

What we are left:
Confirmation of Guo Da Li Date 
Selection of my Actual Day Gown
Selection for the AD caterer
Banquet Theme Selection
Banquet Food Selection & Tasting
Table Arrangement
Taiwan Pre Wedding Shoot that I have been working hard on - for the Final Layout 
Local Pre Wedding Shoot
The confirmation of a little wedding surprise that D & I have prepared for all the guests. 

As much as we want the wedding to be simplified, all wedding traditions and customs seemed to be sprouting out everywhere. 
I need to adhere to the traditions that were laid out, I need both families to be happy. 
These 2 combinations are able to make me feel all the stress and the tears. 

First the guest lists seemed like a never ending list that goes on forever. 
We want everyone that we love to join in the celebration yet at the same time we are faced with the problem with not enough tables. 

Even after finalizing the guest lists, there might be problems with the table arrangements. 
This one I have yet to face any problems yet, shall leave it until the list is confirmed. 

Arranging the Guo Da Li date to a Sunday and making sure that the items needed are prepared beforehand. 
Lucky our Shifu provided us a list of items that we need and this reduced the headache in us! 
After this Guo Da Li, we will distributing the wedding invites. 
According to customs, we are supposed to distribute the invites to our elders by hand. Whereas, for our friends, they will be getting the invite earlier. I hope you guys will enjoy every bit of the wedding that I have planned for a year. 

At this moment I need to dig out D & my younger photos for the montage. 
Need to work it soon but when when? First, I need to have an idea on what to do! A rough idea has formed in my mind but I wonder how to get the things in place, what music background? I hope mine will not be the boring type of montage. *wink*
I would appreciate if you can drop me a note if you have any idea of how to do a good montage. 

Even with the montage that is quite a headache, My BTO loan is ready, the biggest worry is lifted off from me. 
This loan has been weighing on me ever since the day the 1st block of neighbours gotten the HDB letter. 
-Letting out a loud sigh!-
I am finally getting the keys by end of Oct!

With all the things overwhelming now, pimples are breaking out more often than usual now, hoping to tame my stress level and say bye bye to pimples. 
I need to do something to my hair first before I coat it with colours for the local wedding shoot. 

Wedding is really a biggest event of my life, planning starts from the proposal ring. From a blank piece of paper to something is really a accomplishment.
Planning my own wedding is never a simple job, but I am definitely enjoying the whole process. 
I cannot wait to walk down the aisle with Danny by my side yet at the same time I cannot bear to leave my parents. 
Knowing that I have about 3 months left in my own bedroom, tears cannot help but roll down my cheeks. 
I have to admit that sometimes I lay on the bed, staring at the blank ceiling and recalling all the memories that my parents have given me. How much my mum has given up to look after me since the day I was born, how my dad worked and bring monies home. How they got me into Kindergarten, to queuing for a slot in the Primary School, to teaching me my school work and providing all that they could just for the best of me. 
I will never be able to understand the hardship that they have gone through all these while. 
And I weep to sleep last night. :(
Nothing beats the feeling of home. 

I'm thankful that our parents are giving us the freedom to decide on the stuff that want and D's parents being accommodative enough as my side of the family runs big. 
Also the support that my parents are giving me throughout the preparation. 

Listening to all the probable Wedding songs now. :) 

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