Monday, September 2, 2013

Last 2nd Quarter of 2013


Exactly 4 months to my wedding. 

Guest lists have been ticked off. 
Interior Designer has been checked. 
Bought a Dress for my Mum for my wedding~
Actual Day Evening Gown has been selected!
Hopeful that my Wedding Shoot gown will be ticked off tonight too!

I spent my August splendidly 
with all my loves one and an overseas trip on my Birthday. 
I cannot wait to blog how I spent my Birthday 
but at the same time, I'm running out of time to catch up with all the posts.

One of the most exciting thing that happen to me is I received the HDB letter, the LAST STEP to getting the KEYSSSSSSS!

I'm so sorry for the short update, I promised for a better entry soon! 

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