Thursday, September 26, 2013

His Proposal

Been wanting to pen this happiest day of my life down, but I was simply too lazy to upload the photos and write the long granny story about it. 
Cos I am unsure who are still interested to know about it. 

So the Happiest Day of my Life till date is on 26 September 2012
The day where D got down on his knees and ask for my hand. 

Nothing fanciful but definitely a day to remember for life. 

Today marks the one year since D proposed to me and I have not really sat down and blog about it.
Cos I want to dedicate this blog entry one year later to remember this special day that happened a year ago.
many, But not all may Or may not know that my proposal took place in Korea at N Seoul tower. cheesy to many, But it meant a lot to me.
A simple proposal that has the least props but the most meaningful day that I want to remember for life.

So on 22/9/2012, D and me embarked on our own adventure to Korea with the itinerary that we planned for a month.
least did I know that N Seoul Tower was the place that He wanna proposed as it was my idea to add this to the list.
We woke up late on 26/9/2012, and headed to N Seoul Tower with the taxi driving us to I Dunno where. OMG. I became a panicky spider as I have plan to meet my friend who was staying in Seoul.
immediately we hop onto another cab and viola, it was lunch time by then and D was famished, so we walked into this random and one and only restaurant that was seated below the cable car.
I was getting panicky Cos I know the time we had at N Seoul Tower will be very little, so I threw tantrums at D!

shortly, we boarded the cable car and off we go to the tower.
instead of having the right mood, I was feeling panicky all the while.
we bought the Teddy bear museum tickets and I barely admire the bears for 3sec and I kept hurrying D to quickly end this museum walk. probably also Cos I've been to the one at jeju, feeling really bad after thinking about it. money not well spent.

Before we headed to the Tower above, both of us went to the toilet and D stayed in there for very long and I was getting even more gan cheong already!
He was busy putting the ring into the ring box and He was trembling that's why He took a longer time and He Wanted to do in the cubicles but he thought the cubicles had power failure not knowing that the cubicles lights are movement sensored. Lol! and He needs to put on his coat n make sure that his hair n face are in the best condition.
To our dismay the top of the tower was nothing much except a souvenir shop and the glass panel with the countries guidance.

Other than the breathtaking view that I had from above and D asked the sales person if they do sell the pot of flowers which I didn't suspect anything at all. Cos he is quite a lame person from the day I know him.
I was touring around in lightning speed anyway!

I didn't even suspect a single thing when he wore his coat. LOL

After he bought a few souvenirs, we headed down to the Love Lock area for some photos before meeting my friend, by the way, we are just 40 mins from meeting my friend! whhhooopppsss... 

Do you see any bulging box in his coat? No I didn't!
And he insisted opening the love lock after we bought it, even though he doesn't want to lock them in Seoul.
I still did not suspect anything!

He was panting even after climbing a few steps of stairs. I still teased him being old! LOL~
The prettiest Love Locks *hearts*

And so he went to a Japanese/Taiwanese couple to ask them to help us take photo.
But I flare up after he asked them to take like 4-5 shots, I'm like WTH right?
same spot, same pose, got so nice a not the scenery?

So, he walked back from the couple after taking back the camera from them.
and, he suddenly bent down very very close to me with right knee almost touching my feet.
I stepped back for I thought he needed to fasten his shoe laces.
And before I could say anything, he opened a little box.
His lips was white, his face was pale, his lips were trembling
his voice was stumbling.
Then I knew he was proposing!

I can't really hear what he said and everything was in bits and pieces.
The only thing that I remember was, he said we are together for 5yrs 5mths and 13days
(ps 13th is a special number to him)
The times that he had been with me were the happiest and most blissful times.
(everything was in Chinese)
Will you marry me? (spoke in English)

I teared the moment he started talking.

The whole process was just between the both of us and also those tourists who saw the process. 

If only the whole process was videoed, I would have showcase it here. 
But nonetheless, a kind tourist walked up, took our camera and snap the photos.
So these photos are "live"

If you can see, there is tears at my nose ridge

I always expected my proposal to be with a bouquet of flowers and a ring at the most romantic candlelight dinner, but my proposal came without flowers nor candlelight dinner. No grumbles about it, cos it was in Korea and D had a hard time finding the bouquet. 
The ambiance and the love locks make up for the romance. 

Our new beginning

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