Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Dream Home

Back to this blogosphere to blog about my renovation ideas/process

To be frank, this is really not an easy task to set up your ideal home. The amount of money that you are willing to spend on renovating your place and the quotations that you got from various IDs. 
You wouldn't dare to imagine how sky high quotations some IDs are giving you. 

To start with, we got ourselves many renovation and home design magazines. So that we are able to pin point which are the things that we like before coming up with the idea of our ideal house. 
But I'm pretty glad that D and I shared almost the same dream home idea that we hardly have any arguments. :)

I've been to small IDs firms and also the big and well known IDs firms. 
To be fair, I will tell them exactly what I need and then they do up the quotations for me. 
Ridiculous or what, the big companies are quoting us sky high prices which is driving us away. I kept thinking that with higher commanding power in the renovation industry, we as consumers will be able to enjoy the economic of scales pricing. But I AM WRONG! 
I think most of our money are helping them in advertisement in the social media. 
The sky high pricing: $48,000+ for our simple renovation!!
How ridiculous is this? 

Anyhow, I think everyone has their image of their dream home in their mind, it more like how to put all these ideas onto drawings and building them from scratch. 
Every tile every brick bear your hard earn money. So I think it's very important to engage an ID who is able to think what you are thinking, inputting ideas of theirs to improve on our noob design. There is a lot of things that you might wan to do, but bear in mind the budget you have. 
Be open to choices that your spouse has, your parents contribution as well as the ID. 
For me, I am more particular about kitchen! LOL 

GST is also another cost that will add to our burden, so I am pretty glad that my ID is not GST registered, so I get to save the $1K - $2K on electrical appliances! 
Many ID will be giving idea like BLUM for the drawers and cabinets which I tot it was not a NEED. From my point of view, we have been living in our house for more than 2decades and do all our cabinets have such installation? Well, no kids in the house have yet to be injured so to have Blum installed is more like wasting money, in my opinion. :) 
Blum is a soft close hinge feature so that the doors will close slowly. 

For us, price is the most important cos every extra  moolahs that you spurge is additional money that you can spend on other things too!
Of cos the feel of the ID is very important too. With a cheaper quotation, does not mean that you will get a lower grade items but it depends on how honest that ID is and how much is he willing to earn from your projects ^^

Go to the ID with a design you want, ask yourself what are the items that you need. I am not including the electrical appliances here. 
The main things that you probably will need: 
Living Room:
Shoe Cabinet
TV console (Feature wall if you need)
Ceiling Cove Lights/False Ceiling
Display Cabinet

Top & Bottom Cabinets with either Solid Surface/Quartz top
Kerb for Fridge and cabinets
Kerbs for washing machine

Main Bedroom:
Full Height Wardrobe
Bedside Table
Bed head/Feature Wall

All Bathroom:
Kerbs for the shower area
Sower Screen for Shower Area
Vanity Top & Cabinets

Bedroom 2 & 3:
Study Table
(I'm leaving both rooms empty)

This is just a rough guide for all the works that is needed. 
I have excluded the electrical works, plumbing works and gas/water works here. 

Whether to choose HDB registered IDs?
To be frank, unless you need to hack down walls which requires permit, I think it is not necessary for you to engaged a HDB registered ID firms. 
HDB registered will only mean that your ID will not damage any HDB property or causing nuisances. 
This HDB registered IDs works on a demerit points basis and any disputes are between the ID and the owners. 
So to me, this doesn't really matter. 

Below are some ideas of My Idea of dream/ideal house.

This probably sums up the whole of my ID search and I'm glad and pleased with mine. 

Hope to collect the keys soon and work toward my ideal home!

Contractor: I'Dzigners (Tel: 9853 8455)


  1. hi, my BTO will be ready next year. possible to share which ID you got? :)

    1. Hello. Congrats on getting a bto! Heee.. my contractor: i'Dzigners. Let me know if u are interested to get his contacts. :)

  2. Hi would it be possible for you to email me Alvin Aw's contact from Matrix Concept? Looking to do up our resale flat.


  3. Can you share Alvin Aw contact from Matrix concept?
    Email :

  4. Hi. Can you please share Alvin Aw's contact with me?


  5. Hi. please send me Alvin Aw's contact
    Many Thanks

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