Friday, August 16, 2013


Hello, this entry gonna be a lengthy and wordy entry.
Im feeling down on a TGIF, so I decided to blog a short entry, venting and relating how Im feeling right now.

As you grow older, you will definitely face the moments at the crossroads. Every time at this junction, we will always take a step behind to think things through. 
How long do we think which ways to go? During this thinking period, have you lost anything along the way?
Which way is the best. Nothing will be the best without leaving any behind something. 

how many of us has regretted some choices that we made along the way?

The past few days, my mind is in a whirlpool, many thoughts running through my mind with everything being so important to me. 
Never a time I had to worry for myself since the day I was born. 
Now that I am getting a house and getting married, the process of being an adult is not an easy peasy one especially when money are involved. I am not talking about a few grand here but in 6 digits. 

I am not sure if I'm getting the pre marriage syndrome or whatsoever. But the huge debt that I am going to face in the future is not so easy to be dealt with. 
I have to worry about paying own utilities bills here, the misc fees here and there, the groceries that we need for survival. Now that we have to even purchase things like toilet papers. 
I agree that I have taken everything for granted at home. 
Everything that I need, I just have to tell my mum, and phoooff, the item will appear. 
But right now at this point, I have to start worrying about the bills and debts. 
Due to come circumstances, there is really some kind of hiccups that is causing the headache here. 
I really keeping my fingers crossed.
If I can, I rather stay as daddy's girl forever

All I can say here is, not everything is as smooth as it seemed to be. 
Maintaining a household is not an easy task. 

To be an adult is not a choice, but a journey that we have to go through. 
Talk about the studies and work stress/hardwork, this is nothing compared to growing up. 
Every decision made is a pebble that you place for yourself to carry on the journey.

Maybe I worry too much
Maybe I hear too much
Maybe every decision from the start was wrong. 

But with love and belief, I know everything will work. 

One of my close friend whatsapp me:
Thanks babe for the encouragement. You know who you are! 
More important is as long as the love and willingness to work together towards your common life is there, then you must have faith it will be fine. 

So sorry that I'm using this channel to pen down my frustration and putting this post to an abrupt stop.

Have a wonderful weekend~

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