Monday, August 5, 2013

Bello, August~

Hello August! 
Please be a great one, Please be awesome, Please be different and SURPRISE ME~ 

Other than December, this is my Favouritest month of the year. :) 
This is a monthful of celebrations, as D, mum and my birthday falls in the same month! 
What are the chances of the people that you love celebrating their birthdates together? 

Before it slip out of my mind, someone commented on my blog asking me about the Holland Village Flea: 
Just want to know is it we can sell anything used brand new items with any price we want?
Yes, you can command any pricing, but the crowd there is looking at really cheap pricing like less than $5. 

So this year, I will be celebrating my birthday in the land of Smiles. Call me suaku, but I've not stepped into BKK since 3yo. 
Super looking forward to it! 

Anyhow, My BTO is going to be ready soon. 
The first batch of key collection is today! congrats to those who are receiving their keys today and now I'm wondering when will be my turn. 

I have been running to a couple of Interior Designers with my floorplan and asking for quotations. 
Big companies, small companies all included. But we are not that crazy like others who approached over 50 ID! 
D & I went to about 6 and we are more or less decided. 
Other than the IDs, we have been frequenting the electronics shop and the bedding department. 
So till date, we have bought some decoratives, some electronics appliances (my bday gifts from colleagues) our Bed, and a surround sound system. 

Doing renovation for the house needs more patience than the wedding gown search. Cos design and layout of the house has to be compromised and agreed between the two of us. 
Lucky or what, both D & I have the same concept in mind. So there was not much arguments in between. :) 
Just that I'm more particular about the kitchen! LOL!

For those who are interested, we applied for a BTO standard 5 room flat :) 
That explains why we have such a big hall!
Loving the hugeass hall and how I can arrange everything without looking cramped. 
Can't wait to step my foot into the house~ 

With less than half year to the wedding, I hope everything will run smoothly and I'm starting to feel more jitters in me. 
Hopeful that the house will be ready before wedding. 
In the midst of doing up the guestlist, doing montage, editing my pre-wedding shoot layout, banquet food selection. Gown choosing for local prewedding shoot. 
The actual day itinerary and confirming the xiongdis, jiemeis. 

A busy 5 months ahead but I'm enjoying every single moment of it.
Keeping finger crossed for a smooth 2nd half of 2013.

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