Monday, August 12, 2013

Because I am a girl.....

Just because I'm a girl, I love anything pretty. 
Recently, I madly in love with anything Tiffany that I am going to paint one of the walls with this pretty coat! 
Am I the only one who finds almost everywhere with such color everywhere or what? 

Fresh coat of lacquer makes me happy, call me vain whatever~

So one fine day, i decided to be the mastermind and tried to "influence" my closer colleagues spree together! 
Evil, ain't I? 
If they are happy with the loots, I'm not that evil after all right? =p

Here's our polishes that we bought! 3 partners in crime loots~

Ok, this is not OPI nor Essie
Deborah Lippmann - Let's Go Crazy! 
A royal purple jellyish lacquer with bountiful of colorful glitters. Pardon me for the ugly painting, cos my unsteady hands and the cuticles. 
Anyway, in case you are interested to know where I got Deborah Lippmann, I bought this pretty bottle in Taiwan, I literally went crazy at the mall counter below my awesome hotel
ps. Taiwan blog up soon 
Bought this bottle at about SGD20ish. 
Not too bad a deal! :) 

Alanna Renee - Draught of Peace
A very pretty ocean colour with small sand like glitters
This polish is very pretty on my fingers, making my hands looking fairer than before. 
Easy to apply on with 2 coats to achieve such an effect. :) 

I have yet to try on all the OPI & ESSIE lacquers but slowly I will review all the swatches! :) 

A super oh so prwwweety peach color that I've got here. 
ESSIE- A Crewed Interest
Name that is so quirky that fits my job scope somehow or another 
Peach exuding a tinge of nude which is super perfect for any skin colour
2-3 coats to achieve the colour and guess what, this colour is super lasting on my nails and lasted almost a week! 

In search of the perfect Tiffany shade, this colour is somewhat near the shade that I'm looking for, but this photo does not do justice to the shade! 
ESSIE - Turquoise and Caicos
The 1st coat is really light and streaky, I did a 4 coats in order to obtain the richness of the colour :) 
This colour is currently on my nails now but it's starting to chip :( 

My Favourite combi at the moment! 
OPI: Vampire Buff Overlay with OPI
The more I look at the nude colour, the more I'm loving it! This sand nude is really captivating, please get a bottle if you don't own one! 
Both the coats are like made for each other, complements each other so well! :)

My Gelish that was done eons ago! LOL!
Spy that little leopard preens at the 4th finger! 
I love little details like this, what say you?

I went to the flea at Holland Village a couple of weeks back :) 
Well, It was a sell out for me! 
I always patronize Foster's whenever I end my flea! Money so hard to earn, but spend so fast! 

First time trying the Calamari, and its soooooooo yummy, or maybe cos i was too hungry~!

Shared this afternoon tea set with D. 
The perfect scones~ Yummilicious~~~!!!!!
Comes with a hot tea/coffee :)
Lemon tea for me please.

D's cuppa latte to combat the humid weather~

Vanessa and me
Ok, my hair looks weirrrrd..

Ending a photo of me before the flea! 
I love my neon lime top! 

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