Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review: Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion

Another beauty review for the newly bought BB Cushion which I've been using religiously for a month 

I've been a Laneige Fan since the University days and without much consideration, I bought this BB cushion to try on. 
Totally regret not getting it from Korea last Sept 


Presenting you my Latest Addition!
Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion
This is purely my own review and not sponsored.
$50 for the cover with 2 refills :) 
So worth it right? 
Oh ya, the normal price of this is $55, but I bought it during the Robinson GSS, I paid mine without GST and had another 5% rebate with my Robinson Credit Card 
*jumps in joy*
The refill does comes with a new puff too.

According to the sales beautician at the counter, she was suggesting that I can just apply the BB cream and head out, cos the cream gives off a little shine and looks more natural. 
But I decided to pat on a little powder before heading out cos I always love the matte finishing on my face, cos in my opinion, shine = oily 

How to use: 
After toner and moisturizer have been fully absorbed, I will push the puff into the BB cushion and glide it over my face. 
I will avoid the eye area cos it has caused some caking line between the double eye lid lines. 
I will apply my bb cream slightly under the face so that the shade will even out :)

After the BB cream has been fully absorbed, it leaves behind a shine glow to the skin, which I will pat on the powder to achieve the matte finishing. 

After a month of using everyday for work, the puff turns ugly and dirty. 
Time to wash them already!!

I think the coverage for this BB cream suits my skin as there is no outbreak even after using a month long. 
I use it everyday for work cos of the SPF50+ which works for the lazy me
Given that I paid $50 for 2, working out to less than $25 per cushion, I think it worked it wonder. 
It really control the oil on my face and gives off a natural feel. 
Does not clog pores and is waterproof too. 

However, for those people that pat on the powder after the BB cream, please bear in mind that you can't put more BBcream if you want to touch up. So please have a cake/foundation with SPF too. 

For the price I paid, I think it worth the moolahs ^^

out of 5 Puffs

Face after using the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion

Ok, I think enough of my face before you guys get sick of it! 


Ending this blog post with a Movie that I've recently caught. 
Had a good laugh throughout the movie! Enjoyed myself so much. 
Do watch it to brighten your day, you won't regret. 


  1. Hi :) This product seems effective... May I know how many usage can this product last ?

    1. Hello, yepp, this BB cream work wonders on me. Im using it on a daily basis and one refill last me for about 2 months. :) I think its worth the money :)

  2. Realised this is July's post. Thank you for your response :)
    2 months usage are quite long. Value for money then :)

  3. hello hello how did u clean th sponge?
    bcos mine is very dirty also... :(