Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Yes, Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall.

Last Monday, I had a bad fall resulting in an ugly wound, a few bruises. 
It was quite bad that I could see the flesh. 

I fell in a construction area near my office. 
With all the dirts and stones sticking on my knee cap, blood tickling down the calf. 
And SAD to say that, no one actually helped me up. 

Not that there was nobody walking, there was a guy who was walking beside me. He did not even helped to pick up my flying paper bag that I was carrying. Probably cos he did not want to help a lady. :(
Behind me were 2 ladies who were too busy gossiping.
I quickly got up from the fallen state, picked up my paper bag and brushed off the dust on my knee cap and continued walking to the office. 
So gracious of the people around, ya. 

I was in pencil skirt and wedge. How embarrassing would it be if I have had exposed myself. 

For those who are concern, 
I'm on the verge of recovery. I hope the wound will dry up soon and leaving the minimum scar-marks 

Gruesome photos ahead

Yes, this is the healing progress. 
Luckily I have already taken my pre-wedding shoot. 
Else there goes my short gown and increasing the headache of the editing. 

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