Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Foodlogy: Forty Hands

Heard so much about Forty Hands and FINALLY we are here to try, cos D just finished his exams!!
*Pray hard that he will pass his 2nd paper*

Forty Hands is located in Tiong Bahru and is within 10 mins walking distance from Tiong Bahru MRT station :) 

78 Yong Siak Street
Tiong Bahru

It was really a crazy hot and humid weather and was taken aback when I saw the place bustling with people. 

So we managed to get a seat inside the cafe but was non-aircon. 
What I meant was the inside of the cafe was divided into 2 sections. Obviously under such horrid weather, the aircon one was full. 
So we had to make do with the non-aircon section. 
Not forgetting there are also seats outside the entrance of the cafe. 

Black, Red & White Graffiti on the wall.

The place above is the aircon section and also the place where you order your food :)

Simple Menu but I wanna order all! 
Everything looks nice and yummy.

No prizes for guessing what I ordered. 
In case you don't know, I order the Big Boy Breakfast while D had the Salmon Hash
And not forgetting my favouritest TRUFFLE FRIES!

Us being Coffee Lovers, how can we not order Coffee? 

The Mocha


Saw many people ordering the Kong Ba Pau and they seemed so satisfied while sinking their teeth into the bun, maybe I shall head back there and force D to order that! 
-Rub Palms-

All in all, we spent about $60 for this meal which I thought was a wee bit expensive. 
Well, brunch doesn't come cheap anyway. 
To compare, I prefer the coffee at The Plains :)
Not that this is not good, but it's my personal preference. 

As for the brunch, Forty Hands serves a more homemade brunch. The flat bread was something interesting to have. The poached eggs were a disappointment cos it was almost fully cooked, no oozy :(
Loving their generous portion of Rockets, Bacon and Mushrooms

D's Salmon hash was more interesting, the cream dips was really nice. 
When served, we almost asked the staff where is the salmon, to our surprise it was stewed in the bowl of cream dip 
Really something unique to try and to share :)

D nagged at me when I said I wanted to order the truffle fries, cos he says it's a waste of moolahs when I know how to do it. But I told him, I can never achieved the taste and the quality outside. 

Hope my post did not make you hungry at this hour!
So sorry for the abrupt stop to the post. 

-Off to hit the sacks-
Good Night everyone :) 

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