Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Adrenaline Rush

Decided to blog while I'm feeling all the Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush:
:- a sudden burst of energy from an increase in the hormone and neurotransmitter adrenaline, esp. increased heart rate and blood pressure, perspiration, blood sugar, and metabolism

And so today, I decided to do something crazy.
Something which I never thought I will be doing it. 

Maybe to many this is just a simple task, but because I am a "Bed-Bug". I always find it hard to wake up and the bed seemed to be splattered with lots of super glue. 
Even though I am a light sleeper, I love to laze around in the bed. refusing to wake up even though I have already woke up!
haha, this is me

I was feeling all guilty for stopping yoga for the past 2 months. 
I kept giving myself reasons for the non attendance, like I'm too busy at work which is quite true and I had a bad fall 3 weeks ago. 

My eyes opened at the 1st beep of the alarm, and it was pretty easy to get my bum out of the bed today. So I proceeded to wash up and skipped the shower and changed into my Yoga Outfit and off to the catch the bus. I prepared all my office wear and breakfast last night. It was fuss free in the morning. 

While I was waiting for the bus to bring me to the MRT station, I looked up and seeing all the dark windows really makes me wonder, what the shit did I wake up so early to torture myself. But I believed that I will feel great after the session. My parents will be shocked that I actually can wake up this early for the class, they must be thinking that I'm crazy or what. 

I still cannot believed that I woke up so early to catch the 1st Hot Yoga Class today. 
*gives myself a pat on the back*

Was greeted with Nameste and felt good and at peace almost an at instant. 

I was 10 mins early for the class and the place felt so calm and my panicky mood immediately loosen up. 
Partly cos the Yoga Centre was so quiet which is so unusual, cos usually after work ,the place will be jammed packed and noisy. 

Had some time to myself before the class start and looked at the window and act like an Emo. 

A quick shot before the class starts. 

7.15: Class Starts

The familiar Inhaleeeeee, Exxxhaleeeee... 
And not long, I was perspiring all over. 
Body has lost its yoga momentum, I can't stretch the way I could before. 
Way to go for me. *hwaiting*

I was quite amazed that the class was almost 70% full for such early class, I thought I was the one who is crazy but actually there are people who are as nutty as me.

I have always loved Vicky Hot Yoga classes cos his class seemed to focus on the core which is something that I needed. Even though it was quite torturing but nothing comes easy!
At 8am, quite a handful left the class but I chose to stay until the last 3mins, since I have made the effort to wake up early for the class, I might as well make full use of it right?

After Yoga Face with no Makeup at all. Sorry if I scare you :(
Send my friends this photo and they say I look glowing, think is the red cheeks
I don't know about you, but I love taking selfie in the morning cos the lightings are at its best

It was only 8.40am after the shower and makeup and I rewarded myself with a cup of teh-siewtai :)
I think I'm crazy or the adrenaline rush was pretty high, I actually see the siew-tai as a Heart! whaha!

Reached office at 9 sharp and feeling all happy and contented~
I hope I can continue to have this self discipline for the months to come!

My Lunch :)
Water Cress Soup with Cauliflower and half rice~

So some self shot and OFTD.

Dress: Love & Bravery Diamond Baroque Shift Dress (Navy)


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