Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A night at Hoshino Coffee

Been hearing so much about this cafe ever since it has been opened, but never had the chance to go cos usually D is too hungry to Q if not he finds it not worth wasting time to Q. 

So the girls decided to meet up at this highly raved cafe. 
Thanks to Ying Tian & Shermaine for queuing and always bringing me to new foodie spots!

Hoshino Coffee
#03-84, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road

Always LOVE Omu rice but I didn't get the chance to try it out, but apparently it is looking too good!
There will always be next time to try it out right? 

Their signature dish that should not be missed. 
A portion that is not too big, enuff for a lady who love japanese curry but for a big eater this might not be enough. 
The curry texture is thick and flavourful, which I think you will feel a lil sick aftermath. 
A nice dish to order and to share! 

I was not too hungry so I ordered a sandwich~ 
The looks is deceiving cos it tasted SO MUCH Better than it looks ok!
Love bread that are toasted till this colour. Crunchy at every bite and the avocado shrimp are mixed to perfection. I was sold at the first bite! 
No review on the olives cos I don't eat olives. teehee. 

Their must order! FRENCH TOAST
I can never get sick of french toast cos I love eggy toast. :) 
Sweetness level is perfect for me, and mouth after mouth with the girls. Not long before the dish got wiped out!
Sweet tooth angels, ain't we? 

Pancake Souffle 

This dish made us wait for a good whole 20 mins, I would say it's quite worth the wait cos I never knew pancake and souffle can go so well together. 
Drizzle and Drench the pancake souffle with the maple syrup rocks! 
Soft and fluffy~

Watery mouth and feeling hungry after this post!!
A good first time try at this restaurant but I felt the menu selections were quite little. :)
Did not order the coffee as we heard that they were disappointing! 

Ending this short post with a photo of us!
I love these 2 girls cos we never run out of topics to talk and they are such nice girls to be with!

Please pardon me for the CHUI face after work. =(

The 2 crazy girls!