Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Loots & Looks

Just a simple post to prove that I'm sill alive and kicking. 
Not much from blogshopping lately
but, sinned very badly at the cosmetics! Thanks to GSS, my pocket gave way. 

I've been blogging lesser, reason being every weekend, I'm overwhelmed with the list of "to-do", flipping renovation magazines and shopping for household items. 
The most relaxing stuff  to many will most probably be flipping the Home&Deco magazine. LOL!
But to reading those magazine and imagining how my future house will look like is not a simple tasks. 
We need to come to a mutual conclusion, D might have a liking for this item, but I prefer another. 
OMG at the budget that we have planned. 
But #Istillwannashop

Haven been taking a lot of OFTD
but here are some which i managed to captured. I'm recently more active in instagramming :) 

Top: Dorothy Perkins 
Bottom: Zara
Bag: Burberry
Key Pouch: Coach
Necklace: Lovisa
Arm Swag: MBMJ

Whoops, I realised that I like to take photo whenever I wear this top and the combi is same same but different
Top: Dorothy Perkins 
Bottom: Zara
Bag: Burberry
Key Pouch: Coach

Top: Bought in Taiwan, WuFenPu 
Bottom: Love Bonito
Bag: Burberry
Key Pouch: Coach
Watch: Juicy Couture
Neckalce: Gift from YingTian & Shermaine :) 
Arm Swag: MBMJ

Top: GG<5
Bottom: Love Bonito
Bag: Burberry
Necklace: Lovisa
Arm Swag: MBMJ
Shoes: Zara 

My first Smurfy Coloured Studded Shoes 
Comfy to the max :) 
Yet loud. 
I'm crazy over colours. 

D's choice of shoes for me.  (his love for anything red, blue & white)
Skeptical about it and worry about how to go abt matching clothes.
Love that subtle star studs at the side :) 
But it was really a pair of cute shoes that makes everyone noticed. 

The Apparels that I got in Taiwan!

First time in my life buying 11 pairs of shoes at a go
Too comfy to miss, for I know I will regret
Are you just as crazy as me?

From the Guerlain Event, so many new stuff for the face. 
Hello Face, You are in LUCK! =p
I'm loving the Météorites Luminating Powder. It kind of create a smooth satin veil across my face. 
Gonna blog about it soon. :) 

My Recent Love! 
Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion 
This is soooooo good, I would highly recommend!!!
Maybe another blogpost on this

A new friend added :) 
MAC Hot Nights
I have yet to try this, but the pigmentation on the pan is quite strong. 

Been eating Chia Seed cos of the wonderful health benefits that it brings. 
I know my face is always "thirsty", and thinking that its not very expensive.
Hand itchy.. and I bought it! :) 
We can see the seeds in the bottle and have been using it religiously and its really quite good for my skin. 
So this is my newly declared HOLYGRAIL! 

Etude House - Lippies
Rich and Creamy, Glides easily
with a tinge of funny smell. =X
But I love the creamy-ness and the smooth glide over the lips. 

Buy 2 get one free
How to resist? 

This GSS is making me broke like mad la.. 
Im serious!

Signing off with another Pre-Wedding Shoot of mine :) 

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