Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Seventy-Two [Prive x S.E.A Aquarium]

A long overdue post that was supposed to be up since months ago. 
Don't understand why my blog can never catch up with my life and the gignormous photos sitting in the PC. 

April 13, is our anniversary.
This year being more special as we decided on a small excursion trip to Sentosa, S.E.A Aquarium.
Bought the tickets online cos there was a DBS credit card Promotion. :)
Really lucky to grab the tickets online cos the Q was very scary.

D fork out time from his studies and accompanied me the whole of Saturday
So we started off the day with Brunch, needless to say we went to Prive.
I did not make reservations but lucky us, we got a indoor seats. The weather that day was horrendous please! :(

I think this photo is #worththepost

View right in front of us.
How serene it feels to be seated in such a cozy seats with awesome view!

The paints are so apt please!
LOL at the guy with long hair. #evil

My All Time Favourite! 
Fetish for variety. ^^

Trying to act healthy, but poached eggs are the healthier way of eating eggs. 

D's burger 

OMG at the juicy THICK patty! 

D think that brunch are never complete without Scrambled Eggs 
His way of completing it, Scrambled Egg, side order please! LOL!

Tummy Filled, Calories clocked. 
S.E.A Aquarium
Let's GO!

Even with the online tickets, we had to Q for almost an hour to get in. 
Which make us almost the last batch already

Another #worththepost due to the ray of lights :) 

Stingray, but I'm more attracted to the Blue Starfish that looks like Rubberband. =X

Hello Starfish, you are so CUTE!! 
At the back is the seahorse (yellow stick like thingy)

Ship Wrecked. 
One Man's Junk, Another Treasure :) 

Hello Nemo!

Mad Colourful. 

Wah, Like a Pro! 

I love Dolphins! 

You look so Puny! 

Am I Photogenic? 

Hammerhead Shark 

I look like I lost a tooth :(

And after which we left and basically we were the last few :) 
But the aquarium glass can make one giddy, think of the effect whereby they want to enlarge the underwaters 

And we ended the night with dinner at the Malaysia Street. 

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