Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Momsie Day

Celebrated Momsie day a week earlier due to my brother working schedule. 
As we all love seafood, I decided that we patronize the regular seafood restaurant at East Coast. :) 

902 East Coast Parkway
Blk A #01-01 Big Splash
Singapore 449874

Business Hours:
Lunch : 11.30am –2.30pm (Last order 2.00pm)
Dinner:5.00pm –12.00mn (Last order 10:30pm)

Reservations & Enquiries:
+65 6345 1211

Picture credits:

You will be first be greeted with a mini aquarium
with lots of fresh seafood for you to choose from.
like the slogan says "If It Swims, We Have It"
ok la, cos I eat normal seafood not those fanciful ones. =p

The fresh prawns are soooooo fresh please!!!!!
gimme more!
Springy and Crunchy! You can feel the texture and the freshness of the prawns while peeling.
Yes, it's this shiok. Plus we ordered with the herbal alcohol soup one, I was blown away again.
This is a must order for me whenever we head here :)

Always a lover for fried honey squids. Plus I don't see this often in the zi-char store, so it was a must order for me.
Crunchy and flavourful. slight spicy to perk up the taste buds.

Another must order - Smiling Thai
Stirred fried mini Kailan with assorted mushrooms and this goes super well with rice please.
*one bowl of rice!*
And guess what's in the little nest over there? It's fried golden mushrooms sprinkled with chilli powder.
OMG I'm drooling while typing this.

Cos the guys in the house cannot do with rice, so order the simple fried rice with anchovies :)

Thai style Fish
First time ordering and it didn't disappoint!!
The long fried thingy is the asparagus, and the dish was so appetizing and it was gone too soon!
The sauce was thick yet soury and spicy

What's seafood feast without CRABS?????
So we order 2 type of crabs cos we want to have a taste of everything!!!

FIRST! Curry Crab!
Goes SUPER WELL with their garlic bread.
Sinful yet finger licking good!!!

Next is Chilli Crab with the Mini Mantou!!
What else can go wrong with this?

I love both crabs that I cannot stop munching
lucky enough this treat was after my wedding shoot. else I will be crying. =(

Ending the Sunday with a sweet tooth!
Forgot to mention that their desserts that they serve are thai desserts like red ruby, tapioca etc,
they do have normal desserts in their menu too.

A bouquet for my precious mummy on Mother's Day
Roses X Carnations
comes together with a bottle of Elizabeth Arden Perfume :)
She was shocked when the doorbell rang! TEEHEE~

Happy Momsie Day~
Thank you for the unconditional love for us
Taking care of us
I will never want to replace anything for you.
I promise I will be a better daughter :)

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