Sunday, June 30, 2013

Foodlogy: SuanThai

My Colleague was browsing through Street Deals and saw this Thai Buffet at $13.50 and asked if I was interested to go for this Thai Food Buffet. 
I, being a Thai Food Lover, decided to buy another tickets for D, while she asked Vanessa along. 

It was not exactly a perfect thai buffet cos not all the food are included especially Phad Thai which is my must order. 

101 Killiney Road 
Singapore 239544
6235 4126

When we reached there, I was taken aback when I felt the cozy and laid back feel of the restaurant. 
So in no time, we were all comfortably seated and waiting to order. 

There were 2 types of buffet, being the normal one and the premium set. Needless to say, we are being offered the normal set for the price we paid. :)
On the Normal buffet list, if I didn't remember wrongly, there were 5 items that we can only order once. 

Pandan Chicken is one of them. 
It tasted so much better than its looks, top with my favouritest Thai Sweet Chilli
My thumbs were up! 
Savouring every bits of it 

Stirred Fried Seafood with Basil Leaves and Long Beans
Another one time order only
Never a Fan of Basil Leave, but trust me this dish has no tinge of basil smell. 
In no time, this dish was wiped clean. 

On Everyone table in Thai Cuisine - TomYam Soup (Prawn Version)
Have to state as Prawn version cos this dish can be ordered once only. 
Don't pout! Cos there is Tomyam soup (Chicken Version) where you can order until you are sick of it!
I'm a fan of thick Tomyam instead of clear soup, but this soup blew me off! 
I mean it doesn't taste plain as it may seemed, a very enjoyable soup to unleash the hunger devil! 
Sweet tinge of sourness with a little tinge of spicy. 
p.s I am a spicy eater, so this soup does not have that amount of hot kick. 

Chicken Skewer with Thai Satay Sauce (can't rem the exact name) 
This is another item that can be ordered once. 
Tender and juicy on every bite, the sauce goes pretty well with the skewers. 
Not too bad a choice 

This dish gave us a shock!
Thai Rice Crackers with Prawn & Chicken Sauce
Cos this is a order once item and to our dismay it is such a simple dish, to us premium items should be cooked more sophistically. LOL!
Don't really know how to describe the taste or flavour. 
Spooning the prawn sauce onto the rice crackers, it gives a unique flavour and a pleasant coconut after taste. 
A very complicated dish indeed. 
Not something I really fancied, I reckon it will cause a little "gelat"

Boneless Stuffed Chicken
Crispy on the outside and tender with the stuffing, goes very well with my fav Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce. :)
Ok la, I Bias like that. 

The whole table-full of food! 
We are too greedy.
Top Left: 
Beef in Cashew Nut, Papaya Salad, Chicken in Basil & Eggplants, Vegetable Green Curry , Stirred Fried Baby Kailan with salted fish, Green mango Salad and the Stirred Fried Seafood 

The Sweet Sour Fish Fillet tasted pretty good too, but then at the point of time I was too full to be enjoying the food. :( 
Not a bad choice but it was quite soggy when I had it, unsure if it was cos I didn't eat it hot or what. 

This is super yummy! Yes, I am not kidding but this is the best Mango Sticky Rice that I've eaten till date. 
This is not in the buffet menu but it only cost $3.90. 
They actually warm up the glutinous rice and the dessert comes warm. Not forgetting the sweet mango! 
Sooooo Super Yummy~

And we ended the 2 hours lunch with a sweet tooth. The best drink to fight the hot weather and it tasted soooooo nice and cooling. 
-Rubs Tummy-
This ends calories loaded lunch. ^^

Ending the post with a photo of us :)

Top: Love & Bravery 
Bottom: Polo Raulph Lauren
Shoes: Taiwan

Thanks girls for making the Sunday so wonder-FULL!

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