Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Came across an article online and realised that there are quite a few cases for dumping family members. 
There is a 82 year old dad that was being abandoned by the family in Malaysia. And he was found to be roaming around the streets of JB, hungry and smelly. 

why would someone be so brutal to leave your family? 
My heart really goes to the uncle who was roaming around the streets before being send back to SG. 
I mean how would you feel when you are being abandoned since birth? They are our parents who brought us to the world and brought us up, not thinking that we will dump them after they aged. 

To me, Family is far most important in my life. 
I will never want to trade anything for them as they are keepers for life. 
We can rely on them on sadness, happiness and ever anger. 
No one understand us more than them. 

There might be things that your family did that doesn't appease you, but that does not give you the right to throw them away like junk. 
When we were young, naughty and disobedient, did our parents throw us away like you did? 
What was the feeling when you were lost in the shopping mall? 
The sense of loss isn't it? 

We won't feel the loss of them until we really lost them
please take a step back and think for them, they cherish us so much when we were young, and they didn't even thought of we repaying them by buying them big house. All they want is some care and attention from us. 
I am now trying every best of myself to spend more time with my family even though it might be just putting down my phone to watch tv. 
Simple gestures like this counts. 
Have you?

Ingredients in a Family

Family is what makes a house call my Home. 

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