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Wedding: Preparation Part One

Many of you may or may not have known that I've just returned from Taiwan from my awaited pre-wedding photoshoot. 

This entry, I'm not gonna blog about the process of the wedding shoot yet, cos all the 600 over photos are still lying in the pc, waiting to be sorted out. 

So Imma going to talk about what are some of the items that you might need for a pre-wedding shoot. 
Hope this entry will be useful to those who needs it :)

I have engaged BlueBay Wedding as my Taiwan pre-wedding photoshoot. 
I engaged their pre-wedding shoot service only. 
Their services are really thumbs up. ^^
Will blog an entry about them soon. So for those who are interested, can stay tune to my blog. 

As my pre-wedding shoot is taken overseas, there is much more things that are required to be brought over as you never know what you need. 

So I over-brought the things for the photoshoot! :( 

I have 5 gowns for the shoot and for Danny, he has to pack more outfits as he is only provided 2 suits, black and white. 

So my list of items goes... 
But not all are necessary for the shoot, so you might want to adjust according to your needs.

<<Wedding Preparation Part 2>>

1. Balloons 
 Many may find it silly to bring them over, cos most bridal only provide plain balloons, 
as Danny prefers to have colorful & cute shots done, I decided on the very last minute that chio balloons are required. 

Yes, these balloons are quite expensive to start with especially the polka dots ones. 
But they are extremely pretty under the camera lens. 
This photo is taken from my mobile and it already turns out like this. 
Wonder how the real photo will be like. 

Thanks to the bridal, they are able to inflate helium into and telling me the type of balloons that they have beforehand. :) 
My photographer was amazed by the polkadot balloons that he insist to have them inflated! LOL!
And Im glad the photos turn out well!!!!! 
Lucky the polkadots balloons did not burst in the midst of the shoot. Cos one of the yellow heart balloon burst even before we set off! #facepalms

2. Wooden Blocks
A mandate alphabets letters that we brought along. 
Normal as it may look when it was first bought, I decided to Washi it, to make it more different from the usual alphabet blocks. Unsure if it was needed in the shoot, but I still brought it along. But one thing for sure, these blocks are gonna be in my new house! 
Initially I wanted to paint the blocks but thanks to the washi tape ideas! I think they look vintage don't they? 

3. Wedding Band/Proposal Rings
This may or may not be necessary if you have yet to buy it. 
But since we already bought it, we brought them along to the shoot. 
I brought my Proposal ring along too! I was worth a lot when I was in Taiwan! LOL!

Danny's Ring in White Gold
Mine, Rose Gold, not featured! LOL!

4. Hand Bouquet
This is of cos not needed la, but I thought I wanted a bouquet that last a life time. 
I'm always a fan of peonies and tulips, but I reckon that a customized tulip will not look best, 
so I went along with a roses and peonies. 
And I'm super glad of how pretty the bouquet turned out to be! 
I cannot stop staring at the bouquet when I finally laid my hands on it.
It was such a good job done that it was completed within 3 weeks. 
I already decided on the colors combination so the customization process was a breeze~
Thanks JeanineGabrielle for the talented hands! 
I told her about the color theme that I was having. Other than the reviewing if the color was what I wanted, I left the nitty gritty stuff to her. 
Like the ribbon that I requested to tied the bouquet together, the type of greenies in the bouquet and she surprised me with a hand crafted badge!
Until now I cannot take my eyes off the bouquet. 
Thanks babe for the pretty bouquet and the photos really turn out well! Shall send you the photos once they are ready! :) 

Hold ur breath! 
I'm going to show case this bouquet of mine! 
Mini bouquet as the BlueBay crew calls it :) 

Don't you love it too?? 

Me also bought from her matching hair pins for the shoot too!
If you are getting married and want a bouquet to keep for life, why not customized a bouquet like me? 
A bouquet that will remind you of that special day ^^

A snapshot of the bouquet taken off the screens at the bridal :) 

Of cos that's not all
Cos I went to YangMingShan so I came back with a dozen of Calla Lilies too! 
An impromptu decision to add this on, since I plucked them from the mountains!!! :) 

5. Shoes
Ok, I regretted bringing this. 
Not cos I dirtied it, but cos I did NOT use it at all. 
A slippers is so much so convenient lor!

I'm serious!!!
To walk around the photoshoot area with high heels will be so much a hassle and uncomfy. 

At the same time you will afraid of dirtying it cos you know you might dirty it. 

6. Casual Outfit/Nu Bra 
Totally useless, due to the number of gowns I was given. 
Too busy changing and too pretty to even be bothered with the dress that I brought! 

Unless you have only 2-3 outfits then I suggest you to bring along your own outfit.
Also, do bring along a pair of inner shorts, especially if you need a short gown. :)
And it also aids when it comes to shoots with you sitting down, you wouldn't want to sit on the dirty floor with your undies right? -_-

I would highly recommend you to get the more professional Nu Bras than getting them from the online webbies.
This is cos you wouldn't want the bra to fall out suddenly during one of your shoots right and I guess it goes the same for Especially the ACTUAL DAY! I got mine direct from the Bridal Shop! :)
Slightly more ex but I think it works.
For me, I always tot a nu bra will be sufficient to hold the "assets" and I told the seamtress to remove the padding for me cos I do not want to look bulky, But I was WRONG!
the padding is to bulk up your assets but it helps to contour the "assets" area so that you won't look funny in the gown. So please please don't ask to remove the padding! :)

7. Nails
Don't bother to do the fanciful nailart cos the focus will not be them unless you want a shot on its own which I think it is rather ridiculous to spend so much on photo that only shows your hands
ok, I'm such a cheapo! 
Cos of travelling and being rough, I did gelish which can withstand the chor-lor in me and lasted me throughout the trip and until now still on my fingers. 

 8. Smiles
Remember to bring out your lovely and happiest smiles! 

Ending this post with a portrait of us! ^^

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