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Wedding: Preparation Part 2

I think my blog posts recently are filled with food 
which I feel you might be too bored with it. 
So here I am to touch on my wedding preparation part 2.
Gonna ditch my Anniversary blog and the Korea & Taiwan travelogue for a while, 
cos this post has been lying in the drafts since wayy too long already!!! 

The first part of search after the proposal goes to!
The perfect gown.
at least I felt this way. 
But prior to this... have you ever wondered when the "good" date? 

ahh haaa... call me superstitious or what, 
I went to have my wedding date calculated. :) 
Email me if you need the contact 

After the date will be the hotel search
Tell you what, this is the far worst search. 
Cos there are so little auspicious dates that fall on weekend & public holiday. 
so the hotels availability will be booked by then. 

How did I short list mine? 
I've been to few hotels for wedding dinner, so I would have have an impression of which hotels I prefer and which are Out. 

All I needed was pillar-less, higher ceilings, with ample lights and hopefully the only ballroom and not so cramped. And most importantly, the food quality must be there. Sharksfin is just not in the question. 
I've to been some hotels where there are several ballrooms and with few wedding held at the same time. 
To be frank, Carlton Hotel was already out, due to the number of ballrooms/function rooms are lined together. 

In the end, after discussing with our parents, the list left: 
1. Intercontinental Hotel 
2. Conrad Hotel
3. Four Seasons Hotel
4. Ritz Carlton
5. MBS 
6. Marriot
7. Grand Hyatt

I had to email the hotels one by one to get their quotations and a hotel tour. 
So I have emails snowballing everyday, taking time after work to site visit. 
And, listening to what they have got to offer. 

I was bias in a sense, I preferred Intercontinental Hotel, Conrad Hotel and Ritz Carlton. 
Cos I have a thing for English style, Romantic feel, clean & cosy! 
But not all hotels have the dates for you. 
So we strike off those that our wedding date has been taken up. 

Conrad Hotel 
Photo credits:

Ritz Carlton Hotel 
Photo credits:

Intercontinental Hotel 
Photo credits:

Do you spot the similarity in the hotels that I have in mind? 

Intercontinental Hotel, See you in 2014!

How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress
Choosing a wedding dress can be extremely stressful. There are so many questions that we ask ourselves: "As the bride, what do I personally like?" "Will my fiance like it?" "Does my family like it?" "How much am I willing to spend?" "What flatters me best?" "Does it fit the theme of my wedding?" Unfortunately, choosing the perfect dress is not an exact science. However, there are things you can do to make the decision with as much confidence and self assurance as possible. Here is how:

Begin your search with a positive attitude. 
If you go into dress-searching believing that you won't find the perfect dress, that you won't be able to afford it, or that nothing will flatter you, it is likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Keep an open mind, and remember: even if the dress you choose doesn't seem to be the "perfect" dress, in the end, you still get to marry the person you love. Chances are, they will think you're beautiful no matter what.

Begin searching. 
There are several places in which you can seek out wedding dresses. Wedding magazines, wedding dress stores, and wedding pictures online are the most common. Also, make sure to print out copies of your favorite dresses. These can be helpful both to yourself and for your bridal consultant at whatever salon you go to. Through these sources, you can discover what dresses you do and do not like, and ultimately, what kind of dress you can picture yourself wearing on your big day.

Find out what flatters you. 
A lot of this is done through trying things on and experimenting. However, if you cannot tell what looks good and what doesn't, there are a few basic fashion rules that you can follow: First of all, if you aren't built like a model (6 feet tall and extremely skinny), chances are that the dress won't look the same on you as it did on the model. That doesn't mean it will look bad, but that also doesn't mean that it won't. Second, plus-size women tend to have a harder time. Not only do they have a higher priced dress because of the excess fabric, but more fashion restrictions are placed upon them. They are generally not recommended to wear mermaid dresses. They also aren't recommended to wear certain types of ball gowns, which tend to add more bulk. Most fashion consultants suggest an a-line shape for them, which usually hides the larger areas without adding any excess material. If you are plus-sized, you may want to flaunt your curves with a form-fitting dress. In my opinion, as long as you and your fiance like it, that's really all that matters. Third, choose a dress that fits both your personality and your theme. For example, if you are an outgoing bride with the wedding theme Las Vegas, don't purchase a classic, plain dress. Now, if your wedding is centered around simplicity and tradition, that type of dress would be fine. However, that is not the case with a Vegas wedding. After all, if you care about the opinions of your guests, you probably are hoping that they will be in awe of your beauty as you walk down the aisle. If your dress doesn't fit your theme, instead of focusing on your beauty, they may just question your motives for purchasing that dress. Ruching tends to make people look skinnier. Form-fitting lace dresses should be chosen with caution (it takes the right dress and the right person to pull them off). And, for people with broad shoulders, halter top dresses are not usually the best choice.

Decide who you're taking with you. 
When you go shopping for the dress, you're probably going to want some of your loved ones there who will be able to support you and help you make the right decision. But don't choose just anyone. You are going to want people who will be supportive and honest. Those people must also realize that it is your dress. If you have your heart set on one dress, but they think you should choose a different one, they need to be flexible and realize that it is your day. Otherwise, dress shopping can be a very painful process. You also must decide how big you want your entourage to be. I wouldn't recommend too big, as a large group can sometimes get unfocused or over-opinionated. Still, you'll probably want more than just one person, just so that you'll have more variety and more people who can point out potential flaws. Basically, I would say a group of 2-5 people is probably your best bet.

Keep a level head. 
Stay positive, be patient, and never give up hope. Always keep in mind that finding the dress is not the most important thing. What really matters is that person at the end of the aisle, and the knowledge that he(or she) is waiting for you, in love, and in the hopes of spending his entire life by your side. Now that beats picking out an item of clothing by a long shot.


When you try on dresses, be honest with yourself. Don't be prejudiced against any certain dress just because you didn't like the style initially. Be open-minded, and try new things. You may be surprised with the results.
Figure out what your fiance likes before you choose a style. After all, he essentially is the one you are dressing up for. Generally speaking, he is the one you want to impress.
Choose a dress that matches your personality. For example, if you are shy and quiet, it would not be wise to pick a crazy, revealing, showy dress, and vice versa. Now, if that is what you want, it's your day. Just keep in mind that this may shock and confuse people. Instead of thinking of how beautiful you look in the dress, they may be focused on figuring out why you chose it.
Stay in control of your appointment. If your bridal consultant isn't listening, or your entourage is trying to tell you what to do, don't silently take it. Let them know that they're doing this. Don't be harsh or rude about it; just be upfront and honest.
Stay cool. If you make an appointment to try on dresses and none of them seem to look right, just breathe, go home, and schedule an appointment for a later date. Remember, you are free to leave whenever you want to. This appointment is about you, not anyone else.
Throughout the wedding process, start practicing relaxation techniques. These can be tremendously helpful in controlling wedding-related stress and breakdowns.

ok, back to the bridal selection, I chose the bridal quite quickly. 
All I did was I bought the bridal magazines, and short list those gowns that fancy me. 
And off I go to make appointment with the bridal and have my ears all ready to listen what have they got to offer. 
I wanted to do an overseas shoots, so it was pretty easy to source for those who offer such package :) 

So I ended doing an ala carte for the wedding, meaning to say I have 2 bridals, one for the pre wedding shoot and another for the actual day :) 
No prizes for guessing who I chose for actual day cos it was mentioned in the previous post. (HERE!)

I was quite scared to go for the appointment cos I know they will talk us into their packages. 
I had a bad experience with one of them and ended up losing $100 for the deposit. ARGH!

So my search for the perfect dress is almost there, at least the bridal has been fixed. 

Because I don't have a good figure, I had to do away with a lot of gown selections, like mermaid and ballroom type. 

Mermaid - Credits to:

Ballroom - Credits

For me, I'm more suited to A-Line which will enhance my body 
And, no Sweetheart neckline, halter or plunging neckline please. 
I love low back gowns, but NO Backless. 
Low Back & Backless is different. 
Backless is where the back is exposed all the way to the butt, in my opinion :( 

This is one gown that I can find closest to what I have in mind. :) 

Keeping finger crossed that I can find that gown! 
Ending the wordy and lengthy post with a photo of me! 

hope this post come in handy to those who need it :) 

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