Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shiseido Event

My first event that I've attended. 
I really felt honored! 
All thanks to Yingtian for the invite. 

Blazing through the hot and humid weather for this event. 

We were introduced to the latest Spring/Summer 2013 trends.
Conducted at Shiseido Hair Studio

Ben's & Jerry Cone on a hot day
Top: ASOS Peplum
Skirt: Korea
Bag: Miu Miu

After the ice cream and off we headed to the event! :)

At the counter

These macaroons look too pretty that I thought it was fake.

Seriously I felt like taking two! Cos they were too yummie already!

Shiseido Professional Showcase

Thanks babe for inviting me! =)

SS2013 Season Trend, Sherbet Delight

Shiseido Professional dedicate itself to provide hair designers with hair care, styling, hair color and perm products.

The type of looks created.
Wet look with color crashing.

Event give us the excuse to camwhore even more!! 
Everyone was camwhoring and I am serious. 

Shiseido Professional STAGE WORKS - Damp Jelly (Limited Edition)
Oil-free, Lightweight
Suitable for short to medium-length hair styles

Happy Note: This limited Edition Jelly was their door-gift. *stoked*

Event lasted for about 1.5 hr, and after which we headed to Bikram and sweated like a pig before pigging out with Shermaine! :)

and to the most looking forward dessert for the night!

Springy and Tangy black balls
Black Balls are just like the pearls in our milk tea
White Ball - Taro Balls
Yellow Cubes - Pumpkin Balls
Orange Balls - Sweet Potato Balls
Topped off with Azuki Beans and Shaved Ice underneath

Hello, My Awesome Girls

Hmm, Why you take the photo until so funny huh?
But had to post this one and only full length photo. URGH!

Ending the post and the night with a decent "big head"photo where we look good.

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