Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review: Maybelline WaterGel BB Cream

Hello all

I'm back with a blog post. :)
This is gonna be yet another review of BB cream as I've just bought a new tube off the shelves. 

*This review is my own personal thoughts and feel, no sponsorship involved*

Although I have a few tubes/bottles of BB cream not opened yet, 
I decided to get this as it was WATERGEL
I'm a sucker for anything Gel-ish as I always think that gel is super hydrating can? 
A little fact: My facial products are mostly in gels. I never love creamy products unless otherwise. :) 

Felt a little disappointed when I see the "Circled" above. 
I always use products made in other countries though.
I was quite skeptical about getting it, but the price of less than $25, I decided to give it a try. 

Travel size of 30ml which comes in handy when you need to bring it overseas
Able to check plus the hydrating effect makes it better to use on planes! :) 
SPF35 / PA+++: Quite a Norm for BB creams. 

Good to Know: 
SPF stands for sun protection factor. 
The number associated with the SPF is the number of times longer that you will be protected from burning than you would be without sunscreen. 
For example, if say you will get sunburnt in 10 mins, if you are using SPF35 sunscreen, you will mostly likely to get burnt in 10X35 = 350mins later.
SPF only protect you against UVB rays.

UVB: Ultraviolet B causes sunburn and a number of damaging photochemical changes within cells, including damage to DNA, leading to premature aging of the skin, premalignant and malignant changes, and a variety of photosensitivity reactions; it is also used therapeutically for treatment of skin disorders.

UVA: Ultraviolet A enhances the harmful effects of ultraviolet B radiation and is also responsible for some photosensitivity reactions; it is used therapeutically in the treatment of a variety of skin disorders.

PA is a Japanese rating system in place before the new regulations that was a way to show how much protection you are receiving from UVA rays. 
PA+, PA++, or PA+++ ?? With more + signs meaning a higher level of UVA protection.


The difference between this BB cream and others is it's smoother, which I think cos it's water based 
Slight Creamy for smooth gliding. 
Non sticky and  most importantly WATERY! :) 

Many reviews have water droplets seen on their review, 
But sad to say, I have NO Water droplets seen at all! 
Why oh why?

Patting in the BB cream is almost impossible as it is water-gel
Gliding it across the face seemed to be the faster way. 
The BB cream gets absorbed quite quickly. 

A simple comparison
As you can see that the Maybelline BB cream is more watery and not as creamy as compared to the other BB cream 

Having said these, I think my skin is a little not suited for this BB cream as I experience slight tinge of hotness when applied onto my skin. 
Not sure if it was due to some reactions, but it has not caused any pimple or allergy at the moment. 
Been using it for a few days in a week at the moments as I'm still switching between my old BB cream and the Maybelline one. 

Showing you the Coverage, Fresh after I did my Makeup ^^
Smooth and Dewy feel. NO FILTERS at all
Not too bad for pore coverage as I've HUGEASS biggy pores ok! 
Prolly cos of the Maybelline Baby Pores too! 
Gonna review that soon too! 

Have a Great Sunday! 

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  1. HELLO! Enjoyed your review! Do you have the ingredients of this product in English?