Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Shermaine!

Gonna be a short blogspot to celebrate Shermaine's Birthday! 
Before the entry gets forgotten. :) 

Yep, I dedicating a post for you, Shermaine. =D
I'm glad that we are invited to your home party! 

We should be the one cooking for you and not you and Daniel cooking for us! 
promise once my house is ready, I will cook for you girls! ^^

The feast that was all whipped by Shermaine & Daniel 

I feel such a amateur as compared. 

The happy us with a photogenic doggie! 
The gift on the floor is from us. Hope Shermaine is liking it. 
It was quite a tough decision to get the right gift cos though she loves anything Pooh, but we were scared that she already owns one! LOL!
This little Westie love to hang around people and knows how to follow us around, jumping on us when we first reach. 
And he really doesn't look as small as the photo. 
so please dont get cheated! LOL!
but Shermaine pet is such a doll can. 
ok, doll is a wrong word. 

looks like the main character wasn't us. 
the focus is on Scruffy! 
so much photos on him please. teehee. 
It was so nice of Daniel to bring him out in the morning to make him tired so that he will not be so hyper at night. #bonuspoints

Scruffy is too cute! ^^

Ending the night with a sweet treats from the hosts!
This Banana Tartine is L.O.V.E!!!!
with a scoop of vanilla icecream 
I screamed! 

Thank you for inviting. 
Promised we will spend our birthdays together in the future. 
More to come!

Hope the year be smooth and nice to you, 
which I already see that it will be good! 
Cos you've got so much upcoming trips :)

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