Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Foodlogy: Wang Dae Bak

Whenever it comes to Korean Food, I am always in search for the yummy yet value for money authentic Korea cuisine. 

Prior to the office relocation, I didn't know that there is a so called "Korean Eateries" near my work place :) 
If you guys have known, it's not located at Tras Street. 
I am meaning - AMOY Street 
where the famous Red Pig is located. 

I was drawn to this place cos they sell affordable Korean Food in the afternoon.
I mean the food are all priced at $10 with free flow of banchan! 

I stepped into Wang Dae Bak and felt that the food was really good!! :) 
So I decided to head over after work for their BBQ!


Located just a throw stone away from Red Pig

So sorry for the orangy lightings cos I forgot to switch mode :(
Too hungry liao, cannot wait to sink my teeth into the BBQ! lol!

Simple indoor designs with the roof thingy reminds me of the Korea Castle. :) 

The "smoke Suction" and the wide spread of Banchan 

The Free Flow of Banchan
Love the Potato Salad on the bottom right. 
My tummy is growling already!!!! :(

I enjoyed this a lot. It was the same banchan that I had in DongDaeMun BBQ! 
*oops, I realized that I've yet to finish blogging about my KOREA TRIP!*

Korean BBQ Essentials! 

There was a minimum order for 2 type of meat! 
So we had Pork Belly & Spicy Chicken
Both are my FAVORITE 
Always and forever a fan of spicy chicken =p

And the first piece of meat goes to Suana! 
BBQ the pork belly first as I needed the oil to BBQ the chicken. 

The mouth watery and mouth after mouth Kimchi Soup 
Can you see me in the background trying to cut the meat into pieces? :) 

Koreans are so innovative that the sides of the hotplate can be used to cook EGGS!!!

All in all, I think we spent about $60 for the BBQ :) 

Ending the post with a photo of us before we turned oily! 

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