Saturday, April 13, 2013

You are my tower, my strength, and together we form a bridge to our future

Quite skeptical about telling our little story
Cos I'm sure it gonna be a long entity. 
Just because it's the last anniversary that we are celebrating, after which we will more likely to be celebrating wedding anniversary I presume. 
Before all the memories are crushed, I decided to blog it here. 

So, today we celebrate our 72 monthsary together. 
And I never expect myself to be in a relationship for so long.
There being, I have no confidence in myself. 

I have 2 relationships before this.
And obviously it failed big time. The second relationship was a total chaos and I rather choose not to remember that. 
But the 2nd relationship really made me think a lot. A lot of factors must work out before committing. 
There is a saying that 旧爱还是最美
But I beg to differ. I learnt all the sorrows and tears from the past relationship. 
Now I am glad I found Danny. 

We got to know each other for a year before being together. 
Unsure of whether to divulge more stuff about ourselves, in case anyone of you gets bored or invited to my wedding. 

We know each other while we were studying in University, both of us are in the same honors course. To start with, we have no friends in common at all. So it was through this Revision Class, he got to know me. 
I was alone for this class and so happen during the break time, the girl sitting beside me shifted to be seated with her friends. Then suddenly this guy, (Danny) came to sit beside me, he was late for the class by the way. 
So he had no notes at all, he then approached me for the notes to photocopy, thereafter he was talking to me and I'm pretty unsure why I agree to give him my mobile. 
And so coincidentally, we are in the same revision classes for the next few days.
He then lunch with me and my bunch of girls. Pretty Weird Right? 
So, we got closer and started to revise together with a bunch of our friends and slowly the group got smaller, which I'm not sure why until now. 
Never asked him cos I know his answer will be lame.

We started revising together and he started ringing me up almost every other day to chit chat. He was tuitioning a couple of students back then and every time he make his way to his student place or making his way home, he will call and talk to me. 
Yes, we have lotsa stuff to chat about. 
He was selected by a star talent company back then and he was still ringing me daily too. 
*this star talent company groomed Romeo*
Many of my friends told me that he was interested in me, but I was skeptical towards it, cos I was not up to it at that point of time. Star talent company had so many pretty girls, why would he like me right? 

It started with him sending me home when his place is nearer to school then mine. 
*starting to get suspicious*
And there was a day where he was sick, but he refused to go home yet wanna accompany me to study.
Not sure if he knows what's he doing or not, but he placed his palms on mine, and I quickly pulled my hand away.
(thinking in my heart: this guy siao liao is it?)

He actually SMS me if I can be his girlfriend when I was just beside him
*face palms*
Why so lame one? How to reply? 
So I decided to be ignorant, until a point he asked if I saw the SMS
I nodded and asked him what I should reply. 
He said if he is me, he will agree. 
I replied him, but this is so not sincere, like that consider "chasing" me meh?
Guess what, he actually told me, " 你开始跑吧,我在后面“” 你"
The whole wooing process was pretty lame, but this is him. 
And on 13 April, Friday (Yes, Friday the 13th!) we got together. 
Guess Friday the 13th is not that bad after all :)

After getting together, we had to hide our relationship. Cos we were quite shy to expose this relationship, as many of our friends were sort of anticipating. 
He was pulling my hands under the table, yes, literally under-table!
And we were caught red-handed. 

This was how our story began and it was worked it's love magic for the past 6 years. 

This photoshoot were all taken individually
Hope we've not aged yet, more importantly for me!

Photo back to 2008

On 14 Feb 2009, we decided to go for our 1st indoor couple shoot! :)

Knowing I'm a fan of Precious Moments, he bought me my Members Only Event Day! :)

To most couple out there, I always believe when you have the love you can keep the relationship going, at least this is what I believe. 
In moments of anger or unhappiness, always use I instead of You at the beginning of every sentence, not sure if you can sense it, sentences starting with I usually will minimize the hurt and upset feeling. 
I am constantly reminding myself that I'm glad to have Danny through the days
I'm happy to have him, learning and accepting each other. 
Someone to love and to hold for the rest of my life. 
Someone whom I can rely on for the next few decades
Love is word that contains a lot of emotions and is not easily explainable. 

Love is not something we can buy with, therefore treasuring it is the far most important way of repaying it. 

In times of bad days, a simple msg, call or a hug can wrapped up the worst day. 
This last anniversary that we will be celebrating as singles. 

And from this day going forward, I shall be your most loving wife. 

-ti a'mour-

On our way to S.E.A Aquarium today!
Will be back to blog!


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