Sunday, April 7, 2013

One Satur-DATE

It's actually quite rare that you will see me in town on weekends. 
Surprise right? 
Yes, D and me has attained the highest level of dating. We spent our weekends at home, me rotting while D studies. I think even if he is not studying, we will prolly be spending the weekends at home too. Cos SG is too small to shop, being together for close to 6 yrs is like this I think! lol!

So this Saturday, D decided to accompany me to town. For the cycling trip to east coast was called off due to the sudden wet weather 

I'm so glad that D is willing to fork out his precious weekends for studying to accompany the bad mood gf. 
It was a hell week of work week. :(

No knowing what's for dinner and with the sudden craving for escargots, I stopped at the eatery restaurant when I spotted my craving! haha. 

And I'm glad with my choice!

Mignon's Steak & Grill

Ngee Ann City, 
391 Orchard Road #B2 (Takashimaya Food Hall), 
Orchard, 238872

Order & Payment have to made first before securing yourself a seat. 

Cream of Potato
Every mouthful that I took, it tasted like putting mouths after mouths of mashed potatoes!
Simply divine~

If you love escargots, you will probably love this, cos every bite of it is so alluring. 
I'm salivating just by typing this!!! OMG!

That's me! 
With my Rib-Eye Steak!
You will probably see this photo in my twitter before! :) 
Added on $3 for the truffled butter, mad heavenly I must say!
It goes so well with my medium-well steak. 
Too divine to take more photos of it, cos it was simply too nice. Mouth after mouth. 
*mouth watery!*

D's Baby Rack :) 
Looks huge and the sauce is yummy! But may feel a little "jelat", so I think this dish will be good to share unless you are a rib rack lover. 
Please excuse him for not looking at the camera but I simply don't remember why he was looking at the other side. lol!

All in all, we spent about $60+ on this yummy meal!

Not sure if you find it a little ex, but I'm loving it!
A great place to dine. 

Ended the night with a little Green Tea Latte :) 
Not a lover of Green Tea, but this drink is quite breathe taking for me!

Maccha House
#B1-40, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road
Singapore, Singapore 238896

11:00 – 22:00
They serve food like ramen and desserts too! 

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