Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello April!

Time really pass super fast. 
The countdown is getting closer already. 

April is the month that I have been looking forward to, albeit the lack of preparation, the lack of confidence and the butterflies in the tummy.
Believe it or not, although I have been looking forward to April
but on the other hand, I wish that time will pass slower. 

I need more time to prepare. 
I need to source for more ideas. 
I need to decide on the color theme 
I need more creative ideas, crazy ideas

April is the month where me and D celebrate our 6th year anniversary. 
The last anniversary celebrated as singles 

I would love to dedicate a post on our anniversary date. 
Not sure if anyone is keen to know about us. 

Please, Please, April... Be NICE to me..


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